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5 Tips to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

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Who does not know how to protect their assets such as a car itself against all the insecure odds? Everyone does. 

We write down this article to make us recall the necessary steps to protect your and our car from being stolen. Life is uncertain and sometimes, due to our hectic schedule we often forget to follow simplest of measures that weakens our security layers. 

No matter what region in the world you live in, whether a first-world or third-world country-theft of a car is a common crime that we experience everywhere in the world. 

Keeping the measures and steps pretty simple, we make a checklist for you to follow to reduce the amount of crime rate happening in your life. 

Take a look. 

 Lock Your Doors

Whether you are inside or outside-always lock the doors of your car. It does not matter how nicely you have shut the doors of your cars but the fact that they should always be locked carefully-is very important.

Experts say it clearly, when asked about the reason for such a high percentage of crime rate associated with car related theft, that it is due to our lack of security in terms of things that we can easily do but we do not do. 

Lock your doors carefully and recheck them when walking outside the car-it is seriously not that hard.

Remove Your Keys from the Vehicle

Forgetting keys attached to the ignition is a common practice that mostly all of us have become a part of. The more unserious it sounds, the more dangerous results it can bring out for you overall. 

This is one loophole that any hacker can take advantage of to misuse you in the worst possible ways. Or to put it in a simple language, as long as you do not give your weakness-they cannot misuse you. 

So fix that habit.

Do Not Leave a Spare Key near Your Vehicle

Most drivers have this habit of keeping a spare key in either the glove box or under the car. They do it due to the fear of getting locked out inside the car. Although it is such a hassle that you get locked up inside the car, but think about the potential damage it can result in if the thief knows just where to have the access to your keys. 

Everyone knows where a driver would keep a spare key at, if that driver would have one-the place is either a glove box or under the car. 

Try to rethink this decision of keeping a spare key at an accessible place, please. There is a possibility that your backup plan may backfire. 

Close the Windows

Sneaking partly or completely through a window is always accessible if the window is open. This is one move every thief is good at. 

It does not matter if it is during when you are driving your car or it is stopped by the side-keep the windows closed. 

A thief can easily reach or unlock the door to gain full access to your vehicle and things that are in it through an open window. 

Keep the Car Inside Garage 

Your safety with respect to your car does not only have to do with you being inside it. Not going into the nitty gritty details, but anyone can place just anything inside your car if it is accessible. It does not matter how closed or covered you have kept your car-when you are not around none of that really matters. 

When it is about security, we want to make the car secure in every aspect or angle. We cannot leave any loophole that a thief can take advantage of.

To ensure the security of your car when you are away from it, keep the car inside garage. 

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Avail the services and offers and park your cars inside safe garages.   


The checklist consists of general but most effective points for you to consider with respect to your being safe and secure in the car. 

We did not want to come up with a complex article or checklist that is hard for you to abide by. But a simple one with sensible advice. In such a hectic routine or fast pace life we live with, it can be really hard for us to take extra measures to keep ourselves safe and secure but the least we can do is do what is in our hands.

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