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11+ Funny Weekend Quotes With GIFs For A Happy Mood

Weekend Quotes
Weekend Quotes
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Weekend Quotes, Every working person waits for the weekend from the 7 days of a week. This is the only time when people can stay with their family and loved ones to talk about things done during the whole week. In most parts of the whole Saturday and Sunday counts as a weekend and Monday to Friday as working days. In some parts of the country, Sunday to Thursday is a working day and Friday and Saturday is a Weekend respectively. 

As per most countries, the weekend starts on Friday at 6:00 or 7:00 pm and it ends on Sunday at 12:00 am. Apart from weekend dates and family time, what else can we do to make the weekend more delightful and precious for our loved one? Of course, we can find out some weekend quotes and GIFs that can be sent through mobile phones for a happy mood. Here are some amazing quotes and GIFs that you can use to send someone for cheering their mood this weekend. You would definitely inspire it. 

First of all, we all need a quiet sleep for a fresh mood. So, why don’t cheer others on? 

“The Weekend is Finally Here! Now You Can Finally Go to Sleep”.

Or to get motivation after a tiring week, you can say,

“All Five Previous Days You Have Spent Your Life in Vain, So It’s Time to Start Living! Meet the Weekend”.

Also, send someone greetings and pray for their health and wealth,

“The Weekend is About to Come and You Deserve a Medal for Getting Through this Week. And May You Feel a Longer Weekend than Working Week”.

You can also send some beautiful gifs that are best for mood refreshers.

Some people love to listen music for a healthy and fresh weekend, so why not motivate them through a music quote,

“Music Is the Silence Between the Notes. Have a Musical Weekend!”

These beautiful words not only attract them but also make their day. And everyone wishes to have such beautiful words from their loved one. So, try to send such inspiring lines every weekend. 

“It’s okay if every weekend doesn’t lead to big moments and campfires and laughter that carry on for hours and hours. Some weekends might be quiet, still, with plenty of room to contemplate. And in that contemplation room, there is room to grow”.

You can also give them motivation for the future. For instance, 

“It’s weekend. Do something that your future self will thank you for”.

Of course, everyone needs some relaxation to show their strength on weekdays. So, it should be something inspiring for everyone.

“The Weekend Is a Time for no’s – no Alarm Clock, No Rushing, No Urgent Phone Calls, No Working Nights”.

On Sunday, you can send them some good wishes and quotes for a healthy day. 

“Sunday Clears Away the Rust of the Whole Week”.

Are you fed up or tired? Then you must need a quote like this.

“I Really Need a Button “slow down” for My Weekend, and You?”

You don’t need to do something really important. You can waste some of your time as well. 

“Weekends Don’t Count Unless You Spend Them Doing Something Completely Pointless”.

On Friday, you can send this type of quote to your favorite person. 

“Better Days Are Coming. They Are Called Saturday and Sunday”

With this appealing gift that will give you more inspiration throughout the day. 

You can also convert mp4 to GIF and send them with quotes on Sunday night to give them spirit to go office on Monday,

“Why is Monday So Far Away from Friday and Friday So Close to Monday?”

With a Goodbye Gif

It will be a good mood changer for you all. Have a superb weekend.