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21 FREE Couchtuner Alternatives for Movies in 2024 [Updated 209]

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Couchtuner – With our favorite website down, let’s admit most of us have been tirelessly googling alternatives to watch online movies and shows but to no avail. Most of them are either frauds or websites with a billion ads popping now and then. Some go to the extent to lie to you about free movies, luring you into making accounts so they can spam your email and ask for a premium fee. Some are just websites infested with viruses waiting to corrupt your system. But worry not, you’ve just stumbled upon the right place as we have gathered a big fat list of alternatives to Couchtuner that we’re just about to send your way, so hold your breaths as we go


netflix couchtuner

Now let’s be real, who hasn’t heard the phrase “Netflix n Chill”? And well if it’s new to your ears, then I suggest you add this one to your dictionary as soon as possible because it’s the new cool thing in town.

Netflix is an online video Streaming source of the latest (and oldest) TV shows, movies, documentaries and hey that’s not all as it’s home to its own production house shows like “Orange is The New Black” and “Stranger Things”. You can find movies here by their genre, most popular ones and the latest ones released.

Lastly, it’s a subscription-based website that requires you to be a member through its subscription plans to avail its services but the good part is, the fee they charge is reasonable and it varies across its three plans, namely basic, standard and premium. You are allowed to choose the one that best suits you and once you begin, it starts with a free trial so that you may cancel anytime you want before the first month ends without actually paying a dime. Now isn’t that just the right bang for your buck? Well, we guessed so. So what’re you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out for yourself.

Website – https://www.netflix.com/


hulu couchtuner

So now in case you haven’t liked Netflix very much and are eager to try more on our list, we have somewhat a similar website called Hulu.

Hulu is slightly distinct than Netflix in terms that it offers best current binge watching shows, now let’s say someone’s into watching new episodes of “Orange is The New Black” whilst someone else wants to watch/re-watch episodes of shows like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” both that someone and someone else can easily find their favorite binge watch on Hulu, with a single click.

Secondly, what sets Hulu really apart from Netflix is its live TV section which allows you to watch live games and matches. Now who would have thought that one could watch his or her favorite game in HD online, from anywhere at any time? Well, not me at least.

Although Hulu varies from its sister website, Netflix, it does share a few genes now and then. Hulu is a subscription based website, just like Netflix, that has two plans with a free trial period. Subscribers may choose the one that befits them well and could even cancel anytime during the free trial.

Website – https://www.hulu.com/welcome


The third one our list is Fmovies, and as the name suggests it’s mostly crowded with movies instead of shows. However, what really makes it worth exploring is the fact that’s free! Yes, you read that right! It does not charge you a premium to watch your favorite shows online and what could be better than that?

How the website works is at variance with how Netflix and Hulu operate. It provides its users with third party links to click on and access third party movie providers.

One of its noteworthy qualities is to let the user request for his or her favorite movie. Now that they can do that by providing their email and the desirable movie’s IMDB link.

Website – https://fmoviesfree.net/


Next up on our never-ending list is Putlocker, a website especially handpicked for you. It’s identical to fmovies in terms that it’s free and its movies are sourced from third party media content providers via URL links.

Putlocker has genres like Featured, Most Watched, Country, Shows and Requests. However, what really sets it apart from fmovies is that in-numerous amount of third party links, in case one doesn’t work you can hop onto the next and next until one starts to work. You could also keep changing links to your like as the quality of the links vary, so choose the one that pleases your muse the most.

However, like every other mirror that has two faces- one that’s shiny, the other that’s grey- both Putlocker and Fmovies come with a downside. The websites bombard you with pop-up ads and we suggest you block them before they begin to annoy you so you can’t complain that we didn’t tell you so.

Website – https://putlockertv.to/


Moving on, we’d like to introduce you to SolarMovie, another free-yes, you heard us right! – online video streaming website. This website, in its likelihood to Hulu and Putlocker, provides third party links to movies and shows.

Nonetheless, it still successfully earns its competitive advantage from both through a user friendly interface. Its users can easily skim through their favorite shows and movies without much of hard work and figuring out to do. What else there is that, the number of shows outweighs the number of movies, so show lovers this might just be the right place for you. So grab onto your seatbelts and enjoy the free ride fellas!

Website: https://thesolarmovie.co/


If you’re movie manic, you’re just in luck because we’ve found the website for you! Movie4U is a no premium charging website that offers a wide array of movies- per se its name- to its viewers.

The website offers movies, both old and new, in different languages thereby tending to serve a diverse audience. So let’s say if your native language is Chinese and second language English, you can find your favorite from both, depending on your mood and want. Doesn’t that make you feel a little bit important? Well for me, it does deliver that superior customer service effect!

But nothing comes without its drawbacks and so doesn’t our precious, as it comes with an increasingly annoying number of pop up ads that show up every time you attempt a click/touch. But if you can keep up with that, then it’s what’s your next Go-To.

Website – https://movies4u.co/


For viewers who tend to be forgetful like most of us, Alluc serves to be All-in-One source of entertainment.

Alluc acts as a search engine that means you have to search for your show or movie in the search bar and it will redirect you to URLs of websites that stream it online.

The website is fairly simple to use with only two main categories, namely TV shows and Movies. Viewers have an additional perk that comes with using the website and that is they may even download their shows/movies to be able to watch them at a later time or date.

Website – https://alluc.co/


If you’ve made it this far to the list, means you’re clearly eager to know more about those alternatives. To save your day, we have quite some more to go with rainierland next up on the list.

This website is house to more TV shows than movies, but for TV show lovers it’s just the right destination for a short holiday trip-I mean, doesn’t a movie or two take you all to a land far away and woes away your sorrows at least for a short span per se? If yes, then imagine indulging yourself in that escape every hour and then with a show that provides hours of entertainment with each new episode.

Website – https://rainierland.is/


Now if you’re a Netflix lover with no dollar in that pocket, and you’ve hit rock bottom in your endless search for similar websites, consider yourself fortunate because turns out we have found what you’re looking for!

Popcornflix offers content such as movies, shows, documentaries and their in-house produced shows/movies.

What’s uncommon about the site, is that it lets its users upload their original content in the form movies or shows or documentaries that people can watch and share reviews on. So that there is a chance for young from filmmaker or writer to an actor to make his mark in the world.

Website – https://www.popcornflix.com/


Freeform is another potential substitute to Couchtuner as it doesn’t only provide online streaming content but also it’s free of cost.

What distinguishes Freeform from any another website is that it’s part of the ABC network and broadcasts all the TV shows that are their own.

However, the number of TV shows available on their website is far less than the number of movies that you can stream for free and the website is only accessible in the USA.

Nonetheless, if you want to give it a try, then we suggest you make an account and start streaming right away!

Website – https://freeform.go.com/


Now ending the list with our another yet favorite one, that is Sony crackle! Sony crackle is emerging as one of the competitors to sites like Netflix and Hulu recently. It provides a wide genre of movies and TV shows ranging from sci-fi to horror, romance to comedy and everything you may be in a mood for.

What really makes crackle special, however, is its remarkable compatibility with PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox One, 360, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Sony Blu-ray Players. Also they have their own mobile app, so if you’re a daily streamer then you can’t miss checking this one out!

Website – https://www.sonycrackle.com/

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