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5 Socially Distanced Activities in San Diego

Whale Watching San Diego
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Covid-19 has put an indefinite halt to many of the beloved outdoor activities that society once took for granted. Looking for ways to spend quality time with family and loved ones now requires a little more creativity than it did before. While sitting at home alone is socially distant, it isn’t likely particularly fun, educational, or healthy. These San Diego boat tours and other activities in the San Diego area are great ways to spend some productive, quality time together outside of the house.

1 – Whale Watching Tours

San Diego whale watching tours are a great way to learn about fascinating marine wildlife while getting yourself far from your home or apartment. The San Diego area is home to many whales, dolphins, seals, and sea birds. Although rare, killer whales and other less-common cetaceans can also be seen from whale watching tours. Whales migrate across vast distances at intervals that are unique to their species, so interesting species are present in the area all year long. The blue whale, likely the largest animal to have ever existed, is visible during warmer months. Humpback whales, one of the most beautiful species, traverse the Pacific during fall.

2 – Private Charters

Those looking for a socially distanced way to enjoy a birthday, wedding, or other celebration should look into the private party charters San Diego has to offer. While strict sanitation protocols are necessary for any party during the Covid-19 pandemic, private charters have the advantage of being both outdoors and exclusive. While sailing around the beautiful bay area, you can get all the fresh air you need.

3 – Drive-up Entertainment

Since the pandemic began, drive-up comedy shows and drive-in movies have refilled a long-vacant niche in entertainment. There is no shortage of venues in the San Diego area offering socially distant entertainment options. Comedians, musicians, and theaters have all begun tailoring their performances to meet the needs of a socially distant audience.

4 – Hiking

Nothing is better for your health and spirit than a long hike in the great outdoors. From Torrey Pines State Park to Iron Mountain Trail, some of the best hiking in the country is only a short drive from central San Diego. If you are looking for something closer, trails for running and walking are scattered liberally throughout the city, just make sure you are covering up responsibly when other people are around.

5 – Photo Shoots

If you are a photographer, director, or student of film, you may be short on work and looking for ways to make use of your creative energy. Film and photo shoots outdoors are easy to do distantly. Many parks and green spaces in San Diego are ideal backdrops for a variety of media types. If you are interested in making music videos, wildlife documentaries, or fashion shoots, San Diego boat tours can offer you the nautical theme you are looking for.

Making use of your time in the era of social distancing can be tricky. Whether you are simply looking to spend time with your family, or you have a classroom full of children to teach about wildlife, the resilient city of San Diego has options for you.

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