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Who Is Bill Burr’s Wife? Bio, NetWorth, Age, Life.

Bill Burr's Wife
Bill Burr's Wife
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Bill Burr’s wife? A most asked question these days. Let’s talk about Bill Burr and his Wife.

So Bill Burr is the name behind the famous Netflix Series F is for Family. He is lucky enough to have huge fan following from different parts of the world. Recently . Bill Burr recently performed in “saturday Night Live” and his performance raised so many controversies and questions. He talked about different topics including the Racism in the US. After his performance many people are curious to know about Bill Burr’s wife as according to some sources his wife is Black and people want to know who she is. 

In the article below I am going to discuss Bill Burr’s wife. let’s have a look.

Bill Burr’s Wife

Bill Burr’s wife belongs to black ethnicity and her name is Nia Renee Hill. she is an actor, producer, writer and director. This multi talented lady is 42 years old and she was born on 2 june 1978. Her most prominent work includes 

  • Lila, Long Distance.
  • Did You Look for Work This Week.
  • Santa Clarita Diet. (Most recent Netflix Show) 

Burr recently started his podcast named “the morning Podcast” and people are loving the couple and their chemistry in the show. In addition to that, she is also co-creator of the comedy show “you Welcome”Nia Renee is very active on social media accounts as well. Currently, she has 45.4K followers on her Instagram Profile. “I have a look! Chocolate Love! 100%” is written on her insta Bio. 

Bill Burr’s and Nia Renee Marriage

bill burrs wife

Bill and Nia’s both belong to different ethnicities, but love knows no boundaries. Both of them dated for several years and finally got married in September 2013. They have 2 cute kids. They welcomed their first kid in 2017 and named him Lola. The second kid was born this year in the summer. In short Bill Burr and his wife are enjoying a happy married life along with their kids. 

It is quite obvious from their pictures and Instagram post that Bill and his wife are proud of their inter-racial relationship and they should be. 

Bill Burr’s Net worth

Bill Burr is multi-talented, he has worked as an actor and producer. He and his wife are co-workers too.  Out of all his profession, he has earned most of his earnings as a comedian. According to some authentic resources, the net worth of Bill Burr’s is $12 million. That’s a huge amount don’t you think?

This means that Bill and his wife are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. 

Some Facts About Bill Burr’s Wife

Following are some fun facts related to Bill Burr’s Wife: 

  • She was born in America and she is Afro-American by ethnicity. 
  • Her parents got divorced when she was just a kid. Nia Lived with his father who was an actor and comedian by profession.
  • Bill and Burr first met at a comedy show. And both of them fell in love. 
  • Bill Burr and his wife appeared in the list of  “ The 10 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Comedians” this list was created by The Richest.