College Majors Most Threatened By Job Automation

Though reports vary a little bit, most experts believe that between a quarter and a half of current jobs are threatened by automation. Some of these we see in our everyday lives, such as self-checkout machines at the grocery store, but where automation and artificial intelligence do most of their...

How Are Content Creators and Influencers the Same?

In 2020, amidst all the troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce and the use of social media both increased. Sensible, as many people were forced to stay home, and with the social media uptick, more opportunities for internet marketing came to existence as well.  Social media has been the...

Quick Tips to Keep Your Files Organized

Is your job mostly about sitting in front of the computer all day long? Then, you must have a lot of files to keep and save. As the workload goes up, we hardly get the time to clear the clutter and organize files on our computer, just like we would...

Common Questions Lawyers Ask Their Clients

One of the important basics lawyers learn is asking the right questions to their prospective clients. After all, legal representatives need to know all the information concerning the case at hand so that they can find a solution around it. For a successful process, be prepared for a whole list...

What You Gain From Hiring Foreign Employees

To achieve success, every business needs a dedicated and efficient workforce powering it. You’re not always guaranteed to find such employees in the US which is why hiring foreign staff is worthwhile. These workers can bring a company all of the following benefits. Enrichment Of The Workforce A business’s cultural...
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