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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated During The Corona Virus Outbreak?

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The Corona Virus has everyone enveloped in panic and chaos. Everywhere you look there is some form of discomfort and uneasiness. In times like this, it has become almost impossible to work in the office like you previously used to.

People are feeling scared and this fear is getting worse day by day. Employers need to take initiatives that can keep their employees calm and composed in these troubled times. There are some tactics that employers can use to achieve a better environment for the whole office. We will be discussing some of these tactics with you below in more detail, so let’s have a look.

Allow Working From Home

We realize that not all natures of work can be performed while at home, but there are some jobs that employees can perform remotely from their homes. In such chaos, it is better to let such employees work from the comfort of their homes.

Allowing them to work from homes would keep them and others safe as they wouldn’t need to make unnecessary interactions with people at work or while they are commuting to work and back. Employees who mostly rely on an internet connection and a computer to do their job can easily be allowed to work from home until the threat has passed. Just advise them to get a reliable connection such as Spectrum internet so that the work doesn’t suffer. 

Relax Policies On Leaves

For employees that do have to come to the office because their work cannot be completed from homes, employers could relax their leave policies. Since they cannot stay at home completely, they might need days off from work to get health check-ups and get vaccinated in order to stay safe.

Doing such a thing would ensure your employees that the company is still thinking about them. They are more likely to stay with the company in such hard times because the company is making an effort. If you do not relax your leave policies, employees might consider leaving you for a better employer as they might think that the employer just does not care for them.

Distribute Awareness Messages

Another thing offices and employers could do is roll out awareness messages throughout their offices. You could guide people on the Do’s and Don’ts of the situation, which would prepare them better for this on-going crisis.

Also, doing so would create a positive image of the company in the eyes of the employees and also the public. The word of mouth spreads way too easily, we all know that. When employees realize that the company is taking the initiative to tackle this pandemic they are likely to share this good deed with their friends and colleagues outside the company.

Relax Work Goals

Work isn’t always everything that matters. At times you have to look beyond and see that people care about so much more other than their daily office work. To create an environment of peace and comfort employers can also relax the work goals that they might have set for their employees.

For instance, employees doing 8-hour shifts could be allowed to work only 6-hour shifts or instead of asking them for daily reports you could ask for it on alternate days. There is so much more that can be done to increase employee morale, you just have to be willing to do it.

Provide Hygiene Materials In The Office

All this chaos and fuss is created over not being hygienic enough these days. People are constantly fighting to get their hands on sanitizers, paper towels, medicines and a whole lot of other things in the struggle to stay safe.

Companies can help out in this area as well. For instance, hand sanitizers could be installed on several locations in the office reminding people to sanitize their hands on a regular basis. You could also fumigate the premises of your offices to kill off any bacteria or germs that might be otherwise neglected.

Remind Them That They Are Valuable

This particular practice comes in handy no matter what the circumstances are. Employees constantly need to be reminded that the company values them and the effort they put in to get the job done.

During this troubled time, this practice only needs more commitment. Employees need to be reminded that the company has not forgotten about them and they will not be abandoned in the chaos if they are to be a target of any problematic occurrence.

Stay Safe And Keep Working

One can only hope for this troubled time to pass quickly. Till then we have to take every possible precaution to stay safe from this irritating virus. There are plenty more things that can be done other than the ones mentioned above. To get started though, these will serve the purpose.

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