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All fashion, tech, and lifestyle lovers! It is a very common method that is used by bloggers to write on other websites as a guest. In return, they can add a link that can lead the readers to their profile, therefore also increasing their traffic. So, how can one become a guest blogger?

Determine Your Objectives As A Guest Blogger:

Before you start to take your position as a guest blogger, you need to determine what your goal really is? When you are clear about your objectives only then you can successfully become a guest blogger on the fashion tech lifestyle. Some goals include: 

  • Getting more traffic on your webpage
  • Building up backlinks for your website
  • Improving your name and becoming a well-known blogger

To achieve your goals, you need to write posts for blogs that are one of the top names in the industry. They should also have a huge and engaging audience to cater to. 

How To Find Websites For Guest Blogging: 

Now that you have decided you want to do a guest post, you need to find some opportunities and places. You can do a quick search on the internet and find websites that share the same interest or niche as yours. The audience also matters a lot, if they have the same target audience as yours you can guest post. Also, an important fact is if the blog is really active on social media platforms or not, as you can easily promote your post there. 

  • Search Google for different websites that offer you to write a guest post. You can also choose specific keywords while searching like, ‘guest post’, ‘write a guest post’, and many more. 
  • Search for other famous guest bloggers in the same niche. Search where these writers shared their post and you can visit that website as well. 
  • Search on social media about different blogs, and websites that offer you to write a post. Twitter is the best social media platform to make that search, as you can also post and share your query with the hashtag.

How To Present Your Guest Post

Now that you have found where you want to post, the next important factor is how to pitch your idea or request to the particular website. Before you start to request them for a post, you need to observe a few facts related to the website:

  • Take a tour of the website and see if they offer any guest post opportunities or not
  • Take a look at previously posted guest posts. See the format of writing fashion tech lifestyle, the style and the backlinks they have allowed
  • You can also check out the profile of the writers who have worked on that particular website
  • Be informed about the blog’s main content. What are their industry, interests, and their niche?
  • It is very important to know about the target audience and whether it will resonate with your piece of writing fashion tech lifestyle or not. Some blogs are targeted at a different audience and that might affect your reach. 
  • Also, a view of which posts in that particular blog has been the most viewed, shared, and read. Seeing the popular posts will actually give you an idea about the trending content especially for the particular blog.

When the blog asks for guest posters on the fashion tech lifestyle, then that is the best time for you to pitch in. you can present them samples of work you want, and even talk in detail about adding your links so there is no confusion later. 

How to Share a Guest Post

 Before you contact them, you should give a formal introduction of yourself and your blog, its niche, type of content, and preferred audience. You should also explain why your post deserves to be posted by them. 

Instead of sharing one particular topic, you can pitch different ideas and suggest which one will be better to post.

  • Remember that this post should have information but not an advertisement or any sort of branding
  • Always format and edit your post just like they are on the blog or website
  • You should always add proper keywords, and links where required

How To Write The Best Introduction For Yourself

When the audience will read your guest post on that particular website, they will want to know more about you, like who you are, and maybe even want to contact you. Here is when your bio becomes handy. Only in this area, you can promote yourself well by adding links to your website, your email, social media handles, and other services. If you focus on getting more traffic, then your bio needs to have a backlink to your website. If you want to promote yourself more on social media, then leave all handles in the bio so that people can look you up. Similarly, if you want to have traffic to any particular item or service, you should link that. 

How To Know If You Did Well

Depending on your goals, you can measure your results to see how well you performed. If you just wanted more traffic that is easily measured by seeing the number of times your website is viewed. You can track conversions by using the Google Analytics tool. So, if you wanted more people to follow you on social media, you can see the rise in your accounts and assess if people have been following you or not. Similarly, if you wanted to brand a particular product the traffic on the landing page will determine the success rate. 

Do not forget one thing – blogging is not just about guest posting. It is an added incentive to gather some extra traffic and coverage. If you do not focus on your own blog first, you can never become a good guest blogger. Wherever you post, readers will be redirected to your own page. So, focus on your own content and blog first. Do not forget to effectively promote your own blog and all the guest posts that you do, so that it reaches to maximum number of people.