Five Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

One of the most common medical emergencies in the United States involves dog bites. Close to 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually. Sadly, many of the victims of a dog bite are often children, with boys being at higher risk than girls. Regardless of the breed, age, or...

How to Leave Relationships and Finally Move on

To start everything from scratch with your former lover after breaking up is a dangerous trap. It may give you a second chance for happiness or lead you into an endless cycle of breakups and returns that emotionally will exhaust both of you. How to finally get out of the...
10 Tips for Planning a Proposal She'll Never Forget

10 Tips for Planning a Proposal She’ll Never Forget

Don’t Overthink It  This is the most important piece of advice. You should not think about how much a wedding is going to cost or think about the wedding budget in advance, and then wait until the right moment comes to make your confession. It is about this very moment. You will have plenty of time to think about...