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Who is Celestia Vega? Net worth, parents, partner, YouTube

All You Need to Know About Celestia Vega
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Celestia Vega is was born on the 12th of August, 1998. She was born in California and grew up there. Celestia Vega is an American adult star as well as an amazing vlogger, webcam model, and Twitch streamer. She started to gain fame through her YouTube Channel her amazing sense of vlogging and her incredible confidence. She started her web presence in 2015 and later became a YouTube star. She was recently on the most searched list on Google and other websites. 

Celestia Vega is an American adult star who has mostly been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. She gained most of her fame and popularity through her YouTube channel and later entered the American film industry. Her fans admire her and think of her as a person to follow, a role model, and an inspiration. Although the media doesn’t have much information on Celestia Vega, some of the information we have on her is right here.

Personal Life

Celestia Vega

The information about Celestia’s parents is not yet available to the media. Even the number of Celestia’s siblings isn’t known to the public or the media. It is hard to tell If Celestia is the only child of her parents or she has other siblings. Celestia has been a private person when it comes to the information of her personal life or family.

Celestia’s family background isn’t clear to the public or media but we can surely tell that she has an American nationality as well as white ethnicity. There is also no knowledge about her education history or where she studied from in her life. 

Professional Life

Celestia Vega’s professional life started with her podcast on her Twitch account in 2011. When she acquired a good amount of respondents as well as positive feedback, she started to move to different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

2015 was the year of her success, she gathered around 560,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. One thing to know here is that Celestia’s videos weren’t suitable was kids and YouTube framed it as adult content as she used to abuse verbally in all her videos as well as masturbated in her videos and during her live podcasts. 

In 2017, Celestia was proud to announce her first adult film to her followers. Unfortunately, when the movie was released, it was taken down by PornHub and the reasons for this turn out is not yet sure. Although, she was disheartened as well as the followers and she publically apologized for how things turned out. 

Zole Burgher was Celestia’s friend and partner who were together for a long time. Cole confessed to the fact that she wasn’t happy with Celestia’s line of business and the fact that it bothered her is forcing her to stay away from Celestia. She left Celestia since her line of work was for kids under the age of 18 and Celestia’s line of work was pretty much the opposite of hers. Zole and Celestia were forced apart due to different fields of interest. 

Since we know nothing about the star’s personal life, let us take a look at some of the things that are known to the public.

  1. She is bisexual. It has been seen on several occasions that she is bisexual. Celestia has admitted the fact that she is attracted to both men and women and she is not ashamed of her sexual identity. 
  2. Instagram is a social media platform who is strict of their rules and takes down accounts if they violate their rules. Instagram once took down Celestia Vegas account and since then she promised not to ever use Instagram again and since then she is not on that platform. She recently vanished from her Snapchat account as well, leaving all her followers confused and worried.
  3. People deal with break ups different, some drink some smoke and some do stupid stuff to make themselves feel better. Celestia has been through a lot of breakups in her life. Once, Celestia admitted that she experienced a bad breakup and as a remedy to get over it, she shaved her head bald. On this, her fans were disheartened as they loved he hair.
  4. Celestia Vega has recently tweeted a tweet on her Twitter account saying, ‘I’m done’. This has made her fans super stressed and confused. After the tweet, Celestia Vega has deleted all her accounts including her Snapchat account. This has concerned her followers and fans and they are worried what she might be going through right now. 
  5. Celestia did a small adult movie associated with KSI in 2017. She released the movie but was soon took down by PornHub. 

Celestia Vega’s net worth is $200,000 (USD). Celestia admitted in a video that she has been through depression and anxiety. She confessed that she had issues socializing and talking to people but her YouTube channel and other experiences have made this issue easier for her now. Another interesting fact about Celestia Vega is that she has a phobia of needles. She was terrified of needles and couldn’t get a shot till a teenager.

 After tweeting ‘I’m done and deleting all of her social media presence and going ghost, Celestia Vega has yet not surfaced back at any social media platform. Her followers are worried and desperately wish for her to back. Since Celestia left all her social media accounts, she has been one of the top searches in PornHub. 

Some say that this might just be another stunt to grab attention from her followers since she was, no offense, a lot similar to what we call a drama queen. Another possible reason for her disappearing without a warning can be the fact that Celestia recently went through a bad breakup and she later shaved her head as a tactic to handle the pain and depression. She was already a depressed and anxious soul and some say that this might be the reason for her disappearance of Jackets.