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7 Best US Colleges & Universities to Learn Web Design

Web Design
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Needless to say, the Internet is developing incredibly fast. Today, there are over a billion active websites today. 

Of course, specialists who are able to develop a high-quality and unique design for a website are in demand more than ever. Experts in this field have lots of clients – they are news resources, online stores, message boards, and platforms representing companies. This impressive fact gives us a reason to consider a career in web design and development.

So, what are the best universities to pick this promising major? 

University of California-San Diego

US San Diego is a highly-ranked school, attended by over 35,000 students. Its prominent alumni have won numerous Pulitzers, National Medals of Science, Nobel Prizes, and so on.

In this recognized research university, you can combine one-year certification in Graphic & Web Design with any bachelor’s degree. UC San Diego’s program is known for extensive training in graphic arts and web design. 

Here, you will develop your portfolios and projects while gaining more insights into software and industry technologies. 

Here is a list of courses that are available: 

  • Web programming;
  • Digital photography;
  • Visual communications in design;
  • Digital publication.

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Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a private school, situated in the town of the same name. This university offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Engineering. After graduation, students get a chance to work in various engineering fields. 

Of course, the main classes are connected to programming, usability, AI and web information, but the program also covers:

  • Introduction to engineering;
  • Software engineering;
  • Abstract data types and data structures;
  • Computer networks.

Colorado Technical University

At Colorado Technical University you can get a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, specializing in web design. Both on-campus and online programs are available, and students appreciate their affordability. 

Attending CTU, you will study:

  • Diverse design concepts and a variety of tools;
  • Computer illustration and web scripting;
  • New media and mobile web design;
  • 3D technology and digital imaging.

Franklin University

This non-profit public school offers Bachelor’s and Master’s web design programs. Interesting to know, every student here has their own personal development coach or mentor. The online program is also available – 80% of students attend university virtually. 

As for the online bachelor program in web development, it is known for: 

  • Mentorship of the dedicated graphic design and web development practitioners;
  • Hands-on project experience;
  • The opportunity to continue studies with a related specialization, doing your master’s program.

Utah Valley University

UVU is a public university attended by over 40, 000 students. Here, you can get a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development. There is also a chance to study app development for mobile devices. The classes include: 

  • Internet application development and delivering rich media content;
  • Principles of web languages;
  • Introduction to scripting;
  • Web content management and interaction design.

Thus, you can choose to study Interaction & Design and learn how to create digital interfaces and websites. Or, you can focus on Web & App development. 

Academy of Art University

Given the fact that the cost of living there is pretty high, you can choose online degree programs as well. 

In this private school, you can select any certificate, Associate, Bachelor, or Master’s web design program which suits you best. If you are interested in the technical side of web design, the academy focuses on that too. Students passionate about communications often decide to do a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design and New Media Online program. 

Besides, if you want to continue your education – the school offers weekend and night courses for this online program. It is believed to be really flexible.

Dakota State University

This public school, situated in Madison, is relatively small. It is home to only 4, 000 students. However, it doesn’t mean that DSU is not modern – it is truly technology-centered. Getting your degree here, you will definitely use tablets and virtual reality headsets on an everyday basis. 

Here, you can get a Website Design and Development Certificate. In this course, you will learn more about: 

  • Creating layouts of websites and digital designs;
  • Building website interfaces;
  • Using software like Adobe Photoshop;
  • Programming languages and user experience.

This certificate can be applied in various fields, from business and technology to engineering. 

Besides, if you are keen on computer graphic effects or media studies, there are courses on these subjects as well. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, the number of new web pages on the Internet is growing every day. It seems that the digital age will stay with us for a long time. So, web designers will always be on the first line of technology and innovation. Get a degree in this field, and your skills and talent will always be relevant and necessary.

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