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How Customer Perception Can Make Or Break Your Business?

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We have successfully reached a turning point in human history, thanks to the internet. We are 24/7 connected to this steadfast march of technology. We live in an environment where “know everything” environment is changing the way we perceive things. The online reviews, word of mouth, and recommendations from friends help us construct the perception of a brand. 

If you are in the customer service role, it is important that you stay in the conversation surrounding your product. You should have the ability to revamp these discussions or the results could prove to be devastating for your business. 

Like it or not, the positive perception of a customer is largely influenced by the service quality you deliver. 

In simple terms, customer perception refers to the customer’s opinions of your product. It is the representation of how good or bad you are doing in the market. This includes all the direct and indirect experiences of your clients. You might argue that perception is subjective and you cannot please every other customer. True. But these perceptions continue to grow if you don’t show a counter approach. 

By simply monitoring customer perception, you will be able to spot some common user pain points and improve the customer experience. 

There are countless reasons why customer perception can make or break your business. All the major stakeholders in the broadband industry of the US spend heavily on customer service. Therefore, whenever you call Spectrum customer service phone number they’ll take your feedback about the things you want them to improve. This helps them understand the customer’s perception of their product/service and business. 

Most, if not all, the businesses fail to understand that customer perception is built entirely around the experience a customer had with the service or product.  The customer perception can easily make or break your business. When your customers have a pleasant experience with the products such as they get everything that was advertised or pitched to them, this creates a positive customer perception.   

If you don’t deliver the product or service as per the expectation of the customer, it leads to a negative perception of the brand. The least businesses could do is to work towards strengthening the bond with their clients. This will not only give them a competitive edge but creates a positive customer perception. 

How can you improve Customer Perception? 

Keep things simple and easy 

This is arguably the biggest obstacle with the businesses to build a positive customer perception. They don’t realize that putting process over people is going to take them nowhere. I understand that it is important to have direction but so many protocols and processes get in the way of real humane interactions. 

Therefore, keep your processes and protocols simple. 

Stay Consistent 

All businesses only focus on customer acquisition and put all their energy into making sure that the customer has a pleasant experience the first time and every time. When the customer decides to use the service or product once again, they do not put the same effort. The problem with this is that you have already raised the standard too high for yourself and the customer would not feel nice if you do not carry on that standard. 

Therefore, you need to stay consistent with your services and products. 

Fix All The Problems Before They Become Evident

In order to cope up with the challenges of the highly competitive market, it is important for you and your business to be aware of all the areas that require improvement. Invest in bridging these gaps. If they are overlooked for a longer time period, it may haunt you in the future. 

Moreover, you cannot fix these problems without knowing what issues your customers face. Therefore, you need to collect customer feedback. There are multiple ways to do so. Facebook has a poll option and you can ask your customers directly. Regardless of what you find, the customers will like your efforts to consider their valuable suggestions. 

Final Verdict

We live in a world where the bar of customer expectations is rising consistently. If your company fails to acknowledge this shift, your brand perception will take a hit. However, if you figure out to turn the wheels in the right direction, you will stand at a better place in the market.

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