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7 Classy College Gadgets And Gear From Amazon

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While going to college is quite enjoyable, it comes with an array of challenges. One of the biggest is trying to manage your time effectively to fit your class schedule as well as enjoying all that college life can offer. 

However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Thanks to advances in technology, you can always use different gadgets and gear to not only manage your schedule but improve your overall class performance as well. Additionally, you can use some of these devices to find all your computer science homework help from different reputable sources. The good news is that you can always find all these products on Amazon.

The beauty of Amazon is that each time you think that you’ve found all the latest cool products in the market, the site surprises you with even better products.

As much as this retailer is a treasure trove for all the cool stuff, it’s impossible for you to sift through all these products. It’s for this reason that you will find 7 mind-boggling gadgets and gear to make your college life smooth.

1 – Donut Warming Mug

The first weeks of going back to college are mostly slow. You most likely will spend more time catching up with your friends on what you did over the summer.

However as weeks go by and final exams quickly approaching, you will probably have more than a few cramming sessions. This will most definitely take a toll on you and you might even miss a few morning classes.

You shouldn’t worry though. A donut warming mug can be your best gift during such times. Since you will not have enough time to take your breakfast, you can simply invest $23.95 on this incredible mug. 

Basically, this incredible mug has been designed like any other ordinary mug. However, the built-in lid that works as a warming plate makes it stand out from all the other ordinary mugs. 

The plate also allows you to set a donut on top of it. This allows for the coffee steam to warm up your donut, ensuring that you have an incredible morning treat.

2 – Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock

This is one of the must-have gadgets while in college. One of the recipes for being successful in college is effective time management. While this is true, waking up early in the morning can increase your overall productivity as a student.

The Mesqool projection alarm clock helps eliminate any chance of oversleeping past your alarm and being late to submit your assignments. As much as you this clock will ensure that you are up on time, you can always find other incredible avenues for your computer science homework help. Unlike any other alarm the market, The Mesqool projection alarm clock has been built with agility to ensure that it performs extremely well.

The best thing is that you can simply acquire this alarm clock on Amazon for only $29.99. It comes with a massive 1.8 -inch LED screen, thus making it hard to miss the date and time. 

However, the built-in 180-degree inbuilt projector is what makes this alarm clock really unique. 

Other features that come with this incredible clock include the ability to charge your phone via a USB port and FM/AM radio.

3 – Kindle e-reader

When it comes to revolutionizing how people read books, Amazon has done more than probably any other company out there. 

The introduction of the Kindle e-reader by Amazon has taken the way people read books to a whole different level. It’s a simple, yet concise revolution of traditional reading to more advanced works if reading books.

For the standard kindle model, you will only have to part with $79.99 from Amazon. The e-book weighs only 5.7 ounces, making it the perfect choice for effective reading on the go. 

4 – Powerbag Backpack

The Powerbag, which is sold for $79.99 on Amazon is more than just a bag. Its a powerpack.

But what makes it unique? Well, for starters, it comes complete with a built-in charging station. 

Other incredible features include Bluetooth speakers and a thermal lunchbox. Pick between pink and gray options and make your college life smooth.

5 – Mobile Printer

When it comes to being classy in college, having a gadget such as the mobile printer makes you stand out.

Even so, this gadget does not only ooze opulence. It allows you to do a number of activities with ease. For only $130 on Amazon, you can easily print your notes, photos and other documents from your tablet or smartphone.

6 – Party Bluetooth Speaker

While college is predominantly all about attending classes, you can’t miss out on having fun as well. 

Just as the name suggests, the party Bluetooth speaker comes in handy for all your music needs. 

The portable Bluetooth speaker has been designed with a wireless capability. 

This means that you can comfortably stream your favorite music from your iPhone. The best thing is that the incredible speaker comes for only $19 from Amazon.

8 – Smartphone Holder

For the most part, any college student has enough things to tote around the campus. Whether its a hip of books or merely sports equipment, this can be hectic.

A smartphone holder allows you to move around your busy schedule without losing or breaking your phone. You can cheaply get this holder for only $7.95 from Amazon.

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