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There Was A Problem Parsing The Package

There Was A Problem Parsing The Package
There Was A Problem Parsing The Package
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There was a problem parsing the package error or commonly known as the parse error generally pops up when you try downloading a new application or game from Google Play Store. 

In the vast area of android apps, encountering errors like there was a problem parsing the package can be really frustrating because this error can make you scratch your head in confusion and will be the cause of your time wasting. 

Why This Error Appears

The error “There was a problem parsing the package” occurs because you downloaded the.apk file from other sources than Google Play Store. The file might have downloaded incompletely Your hardware or operating system may not be compatible with this application. It can also be  because of the security setting. Lastly the reason can be that the APK can be a corrupt file.

Ways To Fix The Error

Following are the ways to solve this problem and then you can get your desired app

1. Allow The Installation From Other Sources 

There might be a technical problem in the app when we try to install apps from any other source than Google’s Play Store. First way to fix this error is to allow the installation from unknown sources. Here is the guide of how you execute this.

  • You can turn onAllow installation of apps’ from unknown sources to overcome this problem by following the steps below. Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu of your device. Click on the ‘Applications’  button and tap on the box next to Unknown Sources.
  • After that, try installing the required application and see if you get an error while trying to read package android.

2. Update the Android Version 

The other way to fix this is to update the android version of your mobile because the app you’re trying to install may not work with an older OS version. If you try to install or run an app designed for a newer version of android, you will get a parse error in rare cases. You can try an older version of this application. If you are attempting to install an app that needs a newer version of the android, look into installing earlier versions.

3. Check Your APK File 

You may display a parse error when the apk file on your device is incomplete or irregularly installed. Check to make sure the apk file is downloaded correctly. The existing file can be deleted, reinstalled from the Google Play Store and checked for functionality again. You can see a parse error even if you have made any changes to the files that appear in the apk file. Make sure you restore the apk file to the original form and try again.


Error like “There was a problem parsing the package” can be a problem but you can overcome the parsing errors and enjoy seamless app installation in your android device by ensuring that installations from unknown sources are enabled, verifying their integrity and compatibility with APK files, freeing up storage space on your phone.