Rainierland 61+ Alternatives of Authentic Sites

Who doesn’t want to be able to watch movies online anywhere at any time and that for free? Well, if you’re like me who is always broke and cringes at the thought of paying to watch them, we have got your back! We have shortlisted a couple of websites that serve as a great alternative to rainierland, in light of its recent closedown. So hold onto your breaths and get ready for an entertainment ride!



First up we have StreamLikers, which is undeniably identical to Ranierland in terms that you can easily obtain online shows and movies, and in case you want to download them like viewers most often prefer at Rainierland they can choose that option and save it for later to watch. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? That’s not all as the website is home to many popular movies such as Star Wars, Justice League and Ocean 8.

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Second on our list is our beloved 123Movies which is interchangeable with Rainierland, why? Because it allows you to watch shows and movies without signing up with them. Now we’re are all familiar with a tired day when we want to relax and for most of us entertainment seems like a good escape, but who actually wants to put that kind of time and effort to register before they can actually get to the fun part? Well, if you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck because 123Movies is just the right site for you.

Furthermore, the website, like Rainierland, it has a dedicated section for movies that are yet to be released and uploaded. Therefore, people can anticipate the arrival of their favorite movies or shows and plan out a movie night with their friends and family.

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Who doesn’t want to frequently visit an entertainment website that provides not only free online video streaming but also a friendly interface? Well, at least I do and if your tastes are similar to mine then this site is just for you.

MovieGO has an easy to use website design. People ranging from teenagers to older generation can easily use the website as it categorizes its movie/show section on the basis of ratings, trending, horror, romance, rom-com, comedy and so on and so forth. It also filters content on basis of viewer’s watch history. So doesn’t that sound customer friendly? Yes, it does!

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We like to call this alternative as an all-in-one solution to your problems and why? We’ll just dive into its explanation right below.

XMovies8 has a wide range of movies and shows available, range unbeatable by any website mentioned so far and that’s not it as most of them are available in HD quality. What? HD? Yes, yes HD!

Moreover, the website allows you to download movies and shows, just like Rainierland. But there’s an exciting little twist to that here, and that’s the fact that you can choose the resolution you want to download it in. Oh my my.

However, there is a slight little drawback that comes along with all that’s good. The website requires its users to register with them either with their social media accounts or an email address. But hey, the rest is worth a little effort here. So what’re you waiting for?

Website –


This one is our yet another favorite as its interface is quite like that of Rainierland. Here viewers can find desirable shows and movies sorted into categories according to their genres. The genres are further subcategorized into shows and movies, thereby making the experience viewer friendly.

There is an additional exciting feature to the website and it’s how it offers famous American and Korean TV shows exclusively in HD quality. It’s sure one hell of a competitive advantage against its customers as it serves viewers in Korea too! So if you’re a Korean reading this, or someone who understands Korean, we have found the website that appeals to your tastes as well.

Website –


Another one up our sleeve is Geeker, a website that offers a never ending list of TV shows to choose from, coupled with eBooks and Audiobooks. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about books here.

However, not all things that shine are gold and so is the case with our website. It requires its users to pay a premium to use its services and may even face a few glitches whilst it’s in function but some users swear by that the interface coupled with the media collection available online is worth some fee. In case you’re opting for it you’d be delighted to know that there is an initial free 5-day trial period for you to test and try the website before they actually take the fee from you.

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Since we acknowledge that our readers tend to be diverse, belonging to a variety of ethnic backgrounds, we attempt to provide alternatives for each one of you. Therefore, we decided to include Movieflixter in our list.

Movieflixter offers free online TV shows/Movies to stream and what’s unique about it is that the content is originated from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Now that’s a feature we’d love to have, especially people who are bilingual and want to enjoy best of both worlds!

What’s more is that the website offers you an ad-free experience like none others and prevents your system from catching onto any of those filthy viruses.

Lastly, the website attempts to make the browsing experience easier by categorizing the content by “Popular Movies”, “Popular Shows”, “Newest Movies” and “Newest Shows”. So what’re you all waiting for? Head out and give it a try!

Website –


This website is a great alternative to Rainierland in terms that it allows its users to watch latest movies and shows. How it does that is simple, it updates the website and its offerings every week and then, thereby enhancing its customer’s value creation for the site.

Moreover, the website allows you to stream the latest movies/shows most often in HD and you can also download them to watch them later.

Viewers also give ratings on each show or movie they tend to watch here, so in case you are like me who hates wasting time on unworthy shows and movies then head straight on because this website will save you a lot of buck and time.

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If you’ve come down so far, it clearly means you haven’t found your perfect match just yet. Well if that’s the case, rest assured that we haven’t tried our list out either!

Next up we have HouseMovie that is home to a gigantic collection of shows and movies that are available in HD for you to stream online.

Movies that have been streamed the most, featured movies, are available right on the homepage of the website. Therefore, it you’re a viewer who is into bestsellers and most watched shows, here they’re just a click away from the homepage.

The website doesn’t require you to register with itself either, thereby saving you a great deal of time and effort. But, hold your horses right there because if you want to download HD quality movies and shows, for that you’d have to register.

Website –

This website is famous for its attractive website design with a play of dark colors that dance across your system’s screen. But there’s more to it than just the graphics.

The website gives its viewers a unique experience by grouping its shows and movies separately and subgrouping them into the years they have been released. So let’s say if you’re a 90’s fan then you can click on movies and then 1990, which will take you a page that hosts movies released back then. Convenient, isn’t it?

Viewers can also download their favorite content to stream it offline later at their own leisure, a feature that’s to die for!

Personally, my favorite feature tends their no-ad policy that not only protects your system but helps you enjoy your movie as it should be!

Website –


Moving down the list provide you with an online streaming website that is a host to several other movie and tv show content providers.

Movie4K has a wide collection of movies and shows at the expense of being a third-party provider. You may search for a show’s or movie’s name in the search bar and it will take you to a list of websites that offer the content. Out of those links you can choose your favorite, the one with best picture and sound quality.

In case any of the link tends to be broken you can hop onto the next, without worrying about not being able to have a movie night. So in all, if none of the above mentioned websites have worked out for you, Movie4K will redirect you to a few more that we are sure will appeal to your tastes!

Website –


Last but surely not least we have bob movies, which is a website that aims to serve every member of your family regardless of your ethnicity. 
 The website offers a large collection of shows and movies that are available under their respective segments, such as the release year, country and a multitude of genres. Now that’s what I call a real taste of diversity! You can watch these movies online for free. 
 On top of everything, they have a dedicated segment for kids just like Netflix does, offering a range of movies, shows, and cartoons that children can watch without any parental supervision.

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