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How Can I Protect My Skin From Winter Sensitivity?

Skin Care
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As cherishing the winter season can be, at the same time it can cause your skin to dry up and crack. Cold temperature can leave your skin rough and dry which might feel uncomfortable and itchy. Your skin needs essential care, and during winters, your skin demands extra care and nourishment. Winters can be harsh on your skin, by drying and cracking up the skin which might hurt you. Avoid itching and rashes by taking good care of your skin.

As Winters are just around the corner, check out the collection of Michael Jackson Costume at Drive Jacket. Your skin can get dry once it loses too much oil and water, which can cause itching, cracks, bleeding spots or rashes. Cold weather takes a quick toll on your skin and makes you suffer from skin conditions. Your skin has its own defense mechanism, but at night you need to give extra care and protection to your skin. There are a few steps that you can take to protect your skin from winter sensitivity. Give it a read:

1. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

By using a moisturizer, you can protect your skin from drying and cracking up. As winters can be harsh on your skin and the cold temperature might affect the smoothness of your hands and feet, ensure to regularly moisturize your skin for smooth skin. Instead of lotions, you can consider to use ointments and creams that are thick and more effective. Creams and moisturizers having shea butter, olive oil, cocoa powder or mineral oil, are considered better for your skin. Apply a moisturizer as you take a shower and your skin is still a bit damp.

2. Maintain A Distance From Heat

In winters, you might want to stay close to a fireplace or a wood stove, but ensure to maintain a safe distance from heat to protect your skin. By exposing your skin directly to excessive heat, you might cause your skin to dry and crack up. If you have been facing dryness and sensitiveness of skin, then you might want to limit your time in front of the firewood. Maintain a moderate temperature in your home, rather than heating up the place excessively, try to keep a warm atmosphere.

3. Take Warm Showers

The cold temperature of winters might make you feel to get hot showers. But remember, that hot water can cause your skin to dry out and cause itchiness and rashes. Instead of having hot showers, try to take bath with warm water. Limit your bath time to approximately 10 minutes. As much time you spend in the shower, the chances of dehydrating your skin can rise. Hot water can make your skin lose natural oils which will make your skin dry. As you are done with your shower, dry yourself by patting the towel against your skin rather than rubbing.

4. Drink Excessive Water

Many of us avoid drinking much water in winters. By increasing your water intake in winters, you can get rid of the dry skin and rashes. You need to have 6-8 glasses of water everyday in order to keep your skin hydrated. Instead of increasing the intake of caffeine in winters, ensure to drink as much water as you can. Care for your skin by drinking water.

5. Use Sunscreen

Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to apply sunscreen. Protect your skin from the UV rays that comes from the sun. Choose sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher and protect your skin from the heat and rays of Sun. Apply as many drops of the sunscreen which is required according to the region where you live. Use sunscreen on your face, hands, chest and feet. By making sunscreen a part of your daily routine, you will notice a soothing impact on your skin.


Winter sensitivity is harsh and affects your skin with a rigid and dry texture. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can ensure to keep your skin moisturized and soft. Cracked heels and dry hands can look repulsive and annoy you all day long. Make sure to care for your skin, because cold temperatures can be hard to take. Protect your skin by maintain a healthy routine for your skin by drinking water and applying moisturizers and sunscreen. Let your skin breathe with the appropriate care routine. Stay happy with healthy skin, and cherish the cold temperature of winters.

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