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Best Bedroom Furniture For Singles

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Living on your own for the first time can not just feel incredibly liberating, it’s a wonderful opportunity to transform a space that feels fully yours. Your bedroom is the one place in your home where thought matters more than anywhere else. Not only do you spend a majority of time in your home within your bedroom, but you’re also likely to put less thought into it since it gets the least amount of foot traffic. Doing so would be a mistake, mainly because 

But picking out the right bedroom furniture for your room can be overwhelming, especially when you feel caught between multiple styles and functions you have in the vision for your space. Here are our top tips for picking bedroom furniture that looks great, and helps you make the most use you can of your space.

Finding The Best Mattress Size For Your Space

You’ll already have found there to be a wide variety of kinds of mattresses available for your space. Between spring, latex, hybrid, and memory foam, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to get your best night’s sleep. Memory foam tends to be amongst the best mattresses for those looking for a good balance between support and comfort in their sleep. 

The best mattress size for your space is one that provides you with access to a good night’s sleep, while still ensuring there’s enough airflow in your room for you to keep cool. If you stay in a studio apartment or are working with a naturally smaller bedroom, a Twin or Twin XL Mattress should work fine for this purpose.

A Full or Queen size mattress are both good options for those seeking a little more room to twist and turn during their sleep and work better in larger spaces. The best mattresses for these kinds of spaces are usually engineered with airflow and comfort in mind. Measuring out your room to see that it’s over anything from 10×10 feet large will keep you from making the mistake of overcrowding it with one of these bigger mattresses.

Sleep Accessories That Can Help You With Rest

If you aren’t used to sleeping alone or staying in a home on your own, you might find yourself running into some trouble falling asleep. Bedroom furniture specifically designed for sleep might again be useful here in optimizing the way you rest. If you’re convinced you’ve found the best mattress for you, then the next best thing to turn to is sleep accessories such as weighted blankets and memory foam pillows. 

Weighted blankets are a great tool to help you get to sleep both faster, and then remain undisturbed through your rest. They work by using something called gentle pressure stimulation to distribute weight evenly across the body, fostering a sense of security and comfort that helps you fall asleep faster.

Memory foam body pillows are similarly useful, especially for those who may not be used to sleeping alone. Not only do body pillows cradle the body for an increased amount of sleep through the night, memory foam contours to the body, enabling you to reduce pressure on your muscles and joints for deeply restful sleep.

Even the best mattresses can use the aid of sleep accessories to optimize and improve your rest patterns. Paying heed to your sleep cycle and doing your due diligence when it comes to research will get you that much is closer to the kind of rest that is necessary for great sleep.

Using Your Space As An Opportunity To Reflect Yourself

It’s rare to have the chance to make space completely your own, without being subject to the opinion of a housemate, partner, or child. Capitalizing on this opportunity to really do what you want with your bedroom decor can be a really wonderful creative and personal project.

Use shelving that allows you to make use of the space available to you. You may wish to hand pictures of family, friends, and other things that remind you of your place within your wider community. Photo grids are a wonderful decoration tool that also serves the handy function of being able to hang up several photos at once in an area of your bedroom.

There are other ways you may choose to use your bedroom furniture as a way in which you can reflect your own individuality. Thinking about factors such as color scheme will help you have a deeper understanding of choices around bed sheets, curtains, and wall colors too.

 That being said, it’s useful to remember that some colors tend to be more beneficial to sleep than others. Studies indicate you’re better off picking muted tones rather than more saturated, vibrant ones, so find a pastel or deep calm blue that speaks to you and work out ways you can integrate this across your room. 

From finding the best mattress for you to picking out the right curtains, your bedroom is the only space in your home that is truly private and fully yours. Remembering to take advantage of this freedom when decorating your space and keeping things as functional as possible, while still being reflective of your personality, will leave you with a place you can really be proud of.

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