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10 Tips for Planning a Proposal She’ll Never Forget

10 Tips for Planning a Proposal She'll Never Forget
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Don’t Overthink It 

This is the most important piece of advice. You should not think about how much a wedding is going to cost or think about the wedding budget in advance, and then wait until the right moment comes to make your confession. It is about this very moment. You will have plenty of time to think about the rest. 

Find A Special Place 

Find A Special Place

Yes, each couple has at least one special place they both love and value. This is probably a place where you met a long time ago, maybe a place of an amazing date that you’ve had. Literally any place can be special: a cozy restaurant or just a bench in a park. Romance is a very nuanced thing, and we all have different perceptions of it. 

A Love Story 

In every city, there is a love story and its beauty. During a walk, tell your girlfriend a story about love and propose to her at the end of it. Girls adore such stories, and she will quite likely remember this for the rest of her life. 

Here’s yet another tip! Find everything there is to find about a story you are planning on telling; don’t let it be spoiled by anything – you have only one chance at telling it. 

A Date At A Restaurant 

A classic and very successful way to propose to a woman is to ask her out on a date to a cozy establishment and present her with a ring in a cozy environment. 

Here’s a nuance! You can find a restaurant with live music and order a special song which both of you like, order her favorite dish, and you are ready to go. 


Flowers, of course, are very gentle and romantic, but if your woman is an extraordinary person, then look for a non-standard approach to things. Decorate a dinner table with balloons. The main thing is this – there should be a lot of them! You can also decorate them with various ribbons and attach your wedding ring box to them.  

A Beautiful Landscape 

A Beautiful Landscape

This is a great way to propose to a girlfriend. Find the most beautiful place in your city that will offer you a great view. You can also prepare that place in advance if there is such an opportunity. Make it feel special. 

Here’s a small tip! Don’t hire a music band – one musician will do the job. If you have a good friend who is also a musician, ask them to lend a helping hand. 

Just like in the movies 

Ask your girl out to a theater or cinema, and at the end of a movie, under any pretext, leave your seat, rise to the stage or the screen and make a public proposal to her. It is also important not to make her watch a movie that she doesn’t want to watch. No one likes control freaks in relationships, and she will probably not be in the best of moods at the end of a movie. 

Photo Shoot For Two 

Invite a girl for a romantic shooting in a studio or to a beautifully designed location for a photo shoot. She certainly will not suspect anything! When taking a photo, get down on one knee and propose to her. And, best of all, her emotions will be captured by a photographer, and it will make for a lot of great memories down the line. 

Here’s a tip! Tell all the nuances to a photographer in advance and warn your woman about this event. Make sure that a photographer is prepared to catch all of the most important moments of her reaction. 

Fulfill Her Dream 

Does your beloved woman dream of skydiving, visiting a concert of her favorite band, going to a castle of some French monarch, or just visiting a certain place? Do everything that is in your power to fulfill that dream, and she will certainly appreciate it. 

Here’s an important tip! Make sure that you are not missing anything and that you’ve given a girl what she has been dreaming of for a long time. 

Surprise Her 

This does not mean that all previous points were commonplace. No, not at all! It just means that there are a lot of ways a man can propose to a woman he loves. First off, if you’ve never been that great at playing guitar, and she never associated you with this instrument or any other instrument at all, learn to play it, make a song for her, and do it right. Practice; don’t just make a comedy sketch out of it; don’t turn a musical performance into something it wasn’t intended to be. Both of you will feel extremely uncomfortable in such a scenario.

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