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How to Improve Trustpilot Reviews

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Trying to improve your reviews online can be a long process. Yes, people can now buy good reviews, but everybody knows that you can. They can spot a fake review. Read this article for some tips on how to improve your reviews on Trustpilot. Good luck with your journey into the world of online reviews!

Improve Engagement

To improve reviews, improve engagement. This is a slow process, so don’t be shocked if you don’t get results at first. Engagement includes anything from social media, to customer services, to newsletters and email groups.

Improving your engagement makes you look like a better prospect to people who use your business. When potential customers look up reviews on Trustpilot, someone will mention that you engage with your customers over and above the norm. People look for this kind of thing in businesses they want to patronise. Engagement can be the key to improving your reviews on the site.

Make your Business Easy to Access

Whether it is physically or digitally, make sure that your business is easy to access. Bad access will get you negative reviews. To improve your reviews, make sure that everyone can get what they need from you. In a physical site, that can mean disabled access, possibly bilingual staff depending on where you are. On an online site, it can mean a clearly mapped out site, easy access to customer service, and more. People prefer a business where it is easy to get what they need. This will be reflected when they leave reviews.

Listen to What People Want

If someone comes to you with comments and concerns, listen to them. People are more likely to use your business, and continue using your business, if they feel listened to.

You should listen to comments and try and implement them for better reviews. If people see that you are trying to take their ideas into account, they will feel included. They will feel listened to, and people who feel listened to will feel positively towards your business. Make some changes according to what people have said. This is what positive reviews are made out of.

Show People That You Care

Loyalty cards and the like are a way to show people that you care. Businesses give customers discounts because they have been loyal, and they want to show appreciation.

Improve your reviews on Trustpilot by showing people that you care. The loyalty perks can be anything you want them to be – they don’t need to be discounts. They could be early access to new product lines, extra assistance. Anything you want. 

People who are treated well by businesses leave positive reviews. You need to keep this in mind when trying to improve reviews you have.

Improve Communication Finally, you do have to consider that if you are getting negative reviews, there might be a reason for it. Good online reputation management tools will help you approach those who have left you negative reviews. Whether it is by reaching out to them when they use your services, or responding to the reviews themselves. Yes, some people leave negative reviews for reasons of their own, malicious or otherwise. But this is generally not the case. Talk to people, find out what you are doing wrong, and then try and fix it. You might find the negativity stops.

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