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Studying Abroad: Top Careers To Consider

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Studying abroad may seem like an impractical option for many. We naturally assume that the costs will make it impossible, or at very least impractical. In truth, an American college education is one of the most expensive anywhere on earth. There are affordable educational institutions in some of the safest countries in the world that present an alternative solution.

International education will also set you apart when seeking job opportunities. With a bit of research, you will find numerous prestigious institutions to choose from, and given exchange rates are what they are, you stand to save a fortune. The question you will be left with before making a final decision is what to study, as institutions vary in terms of degrees offered. We highly recommend researching which schools have the best faculties for your field of interest and basing your decision on this.

If you are not sure yet which field you are interested in, we have put together our list of top careers to consider when studying abroad. For this list, we have taken into consideration not only the benefits upon returning home but also the most viable options for seeking employment internationally.

Computer Sciences With An Emphasis On Machine Learning

It is arguably the largest growing sector of computer sciences and requires specialisation. This means that the job market is not oversaturated with the competition. Many educational institutions are still scrambling to formalise a curriculum specific to the field. By studying computer sciences and doing your masters thesis on machine learning, you will be primed to enter this burgeoning field. It is essential to look at colleges that have a reliable computer sciences department with machine learning research programs.

If you consider yourself intrigued by tech and the world of programming, another great choice is data science; ranking as one of the most alluring careers of the year. While data science is a form of programming algorithms, it is one of the highest paying careers in the field.

Materials Engineering 

This field supersedes most at the forefront of technological development. Materials engineering is the study and research of new artificial materials to be used in modern technology. These breakthroughs define what is possible in technological development.

This makes it a fascinating field of study for those interested in creating a real and tangible contribution to the world. Not only is it a calling that promises immense job satisfaction, but it is also highly lucrative. A degree in this form of engineering will see to it you have your pick of jobs with renowned research and development companies worldwide.

Molecular Biology

This option would top out our list if we were taking consideration solely for the current global crises. The field itself branches into many specialisations, but the most exciting, and arguably necessary, is in disease control and pharmaceuticals. A molecular biologist works with various microorganisms, studying how they function, and in the case of diseases, how to eliminate them safely.

The range of options would constitute a stand-alone article, but suffice it to say, you will enjoy a great deal of career versatility, with opportunities to work around the world where needed. Of course, you may also focus your specialisation, so that any particular medical problem you are passionate about can constitute the scope of your work.

What To Expect When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad will add an exceptional experience to your career path as an essential detail. However, many aspiring students considering the option of studying abroad have a few realistic concerns. While adjusting to the new region and avoiding the pits of culture shock may be one of the initial challenges, later experiencing home illnesses another. Learning to navigate your new environment will undoubtedly be packed with several highlights and low lights, although, once you have settled in, you will be able to enjoy your stay.

Picking out your career path is just as important as understanding the transition and challenges of moving abroad to obtain an education. Therefore, you should consider things such as maintaining your support system back home, your affordability in the new destination according to the cost of living, potential part-time work opportunities, and several other factors.

You will want to make efforts to merge into your host country to get the experience of the region thoroughly. Even if you do not plan on staying after obtaining your degree, hardly anyone wants to be considered a tourist when studying abroad. If you will be staying in a foreign region in which English is not a common language, it is a great idea to learn the local language, even if you are only learning the very basics. It would be best if you also considered uncovering the potential taboos and cultural customs of your chosen host country.

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