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Safety Boots – How To Recognise Their Best Quality

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Safety boots are advanced, professional, specialized footwear designed for work in various environments. They are one of the most important elements of work clothes—they often protect the employee against slipping, relieve the pressure on the feet, at the same time ensure thermal comfort and enable optimal air circulation inside. Work boots protect feet against high temperatures, cuts, and impacts. Find out more about this product!

  • What are safety boots made of?
  • Wide selection of work boots that suit the needs of the work environment
  • Are safety shoes intended only for professional work?
  • How to make sure that waterproof safety shoes are selected correctly

What Are Safety Boots Made Of?

Safety boots are made of the highest quality materials. Therefore, they are suitable for long hours of use in a variety of working conditions. Most often, their outer layer is made of cowhide, which makes them waterproof. This natural material is very resistant to abrasions and other damage.

The safety footwear sole is made of polyurethane and provides stability, making the shoes comfortable and increasing safety while walking. The sole is non-slip, which is a key aspect of any safety footwear intended for work.

Another very important aspect of such shoes are steel toe cups—an ideal solution for safety trainers. If your feet may be exposed to injuries caused by heavy objects falling on them, such an element in protective footwear will protect your feet against injuries and fractures. They also increase the durability of the footwear itself.

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Wide Selection Of Work Boots That Suit The Needs Of The Work Environment

Specially designed protective footwear includes winter and seasonal models. The first type has a raised upper and special insulation, thanks to which employees feel comfortable if there are unfavourable weather and thermal conditions in the work environment. Seasonal shoes, on the other hand, often have a lower upper, protect against water, dirt and pollution, but are also airy, so they are still comfortable in hot weather.

Where do employees most often wear this type of footwear? It is usually used in the construction and production industries, agriculture, warehouses and the chemical industry.

Are Safety Shoes Intended Only For Professional Work?

High-quality shoes with a high safety rating that meet all safety requirements are chosen not only by owners of large industries, but also by medium and small, and one-person companies. They are also used by individuals who spend a lot of time on home renovation work or love working in the workshop.

Protective footwear may also be necessary when individuals tidy up the garden, cut branches, trim bushes and use sharp tools while working.

How To Make Sure That Waterproof Safety Shoes Are Selected Correctly

Waterproof shoes are necessary in any workplace exposed to moisture or contact with wet ground.

However, they protect not only against water and slipping, but also against the noticeable discomfort that may be caused by moisture. It also protects the feet against other chemical substances. It is worth remembering that wearing wet shoes for many hours every day is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to your health. Furthermore, it can cause foot diseases and make it very difficult to perform daily duties at work.

A pair of shoes that increases safety while working is certainly a very important investment for health and comfort. Such footwear is manufactured in accordance with applicable standards EN20345 and EN20344.