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7 Apps Every Freshman Needs To Download

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When it comes to college times, students’ life becomes more intensive and active than it was before. Daily lectures, complicated academic assignments, and tests take a lot of time and effort.

However, newbies may lack time management skills and experience in planning their day efficiently. Today’s digital opportunities can relieve this a lot. Web designers and developers have already created a wide range of apps to help students in their everyday challenges.

We have prepared a list of the most useful applications every first-year student has to download. We hope this will make your academic life easier and more enjoyable. 


ToDoist is a simple planner with a user-friendly interface that allows you to record scheduled appointments or make changes in classes within a couple of clicks. It is suitable for quick, short notes and events.

ToDoist is quite functional. You can group your tasks and track the progress of each project. The app allows you to view tasks according to urgency, importance, and set reminders. Users also get karma points for each executed assignment. What motivates them to keep advancing and do more. In the fee-based version, you can synchronize the application with the Google Calendar.

If you have a lot to do and do not have enough time to complete everything on time, delegate some assignments to professionals. Writing experts on essayservice.com can take care of papers on any topic, volume, and academic level. The essay writing platform works around the clock, allowing you to save time for personal matters. 

Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a simple and effective timer based on the famous tomato technique. According to this time management approach, the periods of intense work should be changed by short-term breaks. In the classic version, the ratio is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, which helps the brain to relax. 

The application also allows the user to choose the number of time intervals. It is also possible to set the number of tomatoes, the large breaks that occur after several cycles.

This app not only motivates you to work harder without distractions but also reminds you to take a break and not to overwork.


Students often have to use library books, which are available in the reading room only. What is more, learners often miss essential lectures, which forces them to study by others’ notes. If you need to copy a large amount of text quickly, the Scanbot application is better than a smartphone camera.

Scanbot allows you to organize your documents into different albums right away so that you don’t get confused looking for the needed theme or subject. You can upload all of the documents to the cloud or convert them to a PDF file. The paid version of the application also includes a text recognition feature.

Myscript Calculator

Endless calculations and long multi-level formulas are a sad reality for any tech student. If you use a regular calculator, you have to perform calculations in several stages. MyScript Calculator solves this problem.

It is a handwritten calculator that allows you not only to write the whole thing but also avoid the trouble of entering degrees and roots. All you need is to write the sophisticated calculations in the same way as in a notebook, and the application will convert what is written in characters and give you the result. This way, the error rate is reduced, and the ease of use is increased.

App Block

The main disadvantage of smartphones is that they continuously keep us distracted. Messages from friends, game notifications, and daily reminders don’t let us concentrate on the urgent tasks. Even though smartphones and other devices were designed to make our life easier, they often do not let us focus on the important matters. 

AppBlock is the perfect application to handle this issue. It blocks apps that are distracting you at the set hours so that you can work more efficiently.

Nike+Training Club

Students often forget about keeping the body in good shape. Learners are always busy with part-time jobs and other obligations. This leaves them with no time for sports. However, if your body is getting tired from a daily routine, the brain also stops working well.

Nike+Training Club is an excellent sports application that can be downloaded for free. It contains a lot of exercises in different directions: stretching, strength, and cardio. All of them are supported by detailed explanations and video instructions from famous coaches.

Ted Talks

The TED Talks application is a collection of the most advanced ideas and thoughts. There are more than 2000 performances of great and successful people on a variety of topics: from technology and science to art and psychology. With this app, students can get inspired by others’ life experiences and stay motivated for their academic challenges.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, digital technologies help students a lot in their everyday life. They could be useful and efficient in dealing with complicated academic challenges. The list of apps to download when you get into college could be endless. The point is to choose those, that will take care of the main issues you face in your daily routine.

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