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Top Streaming Sites For College Students To Watch The Best Movies

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Student life can be stressful sometimes. Homework is the main source of stress and anxiety in most cases. There are periods in which you have to submit many papers. Generally, this happens at the end of a term. Fortunately, there are professional writing services such as that can lend you a hand.

For a fee, an expert writer can deliver an original and well-written paper. With the help of a site like this, you can have some free time to do other activities. You can hang out with your friends, visit relatives, practice a sport, you name it! Sometimes, however, you may prefer to stay at home and watch a good movie with your friends.

The List Of The Best Streaming Sites

If that is the case, your options are many. There is a myriad of websites that allow you to stream media content easily (movies, videos, music, etc.). A company that has been in this market for a long time is Netflix. But it is far from being the only one. Thus, below you can find a list of the best streamingsites available for college students.


  • Netflix. This is the oldest provider with the largest content delivery network. On all college campuses, many students already have Netflix accounts. While their exclusive series is the best in the industry, the rest of their catalog has been losing popularity. For a more extensive collection of good movies, other sites are better options;
  • Filmstruck. This is a recent company and is, by far, the best site for classic movies. If you want to watch a foreign film, Filmstrike is also your best option. This site has an extensive collection of hard-to-find material for those who love less conventional media stuff;
  • Hulu. You will love this site if you prefer to watch a TV show instead of a movie. By far, this company has the widest variety of old and recent TV shows. This is the ideal place to look for a show to watch together with your family too;
  • Amazon Video. This site has started to become a more appealing option in recent years. Amazon Video has already produced some very successful shows. Even though this streaming service is more expensive than others, its movie catalog is amazing. For college students, there is a special yearly subscription fee. Take advantage of this offer to watch any movie you want. Unless you focus on some special genre, this site has something for everyone;
  • HBO Now. This option has good documentaries as well as a good collection of recent movies. It offers much original content, which can explain its relatively high cost.

These networks can be the source of much entertainment and fun. Inquire about their subscription plans for college students. Some of them offer very attractive plans. In all cases, you should stay away from free streaming services. Malware and other illegal activities are some of the risks.

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