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How to Increase Your Internet Speed Right Now

Internet Speed
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Satellite internet is not like any other internet connection. The signals travel between one location and another and data is sent and received through those very signals. Because of the great distance that these data packets have to travel, that is from a point on Earth’s surface to the satellite orbiting in space, Satellite internet faces serious latency. This is not the case with fixed or wired networks like cable and fiber-optics.

Satellite Internet Availability And Concerns

Regardless of the high latency rate and Ping, you might still end up with satellite broadband due to the unavailability of other types of connections in some areas. Rural areas or remote locations have no real infrastructure that can help with the deployment of cable or fiber networks. Such areas only have satellite internet or satellite connectivity available to them. Recent advancements in wireless and satellite technology have made it possible for residents all over the United States to receive reliable broadband. HughesNet with its new Gen5 tech is now providing stable, consistent speeds throughout the country. To understand your options for their high-speed connectivity, discover here.

Like all other internet connections, the customers may face ups and downs during any satellite service. These may include slow speeds or no connectivity, equipment issues, and weather complications. You may need to figure out the exact issue and then look for an answer. Once you’re done with that, you can shift your focus on trying to resolve it, either by yourself or by calling the HughesNet customer services department.

Troubleshooting The Outside Equipment

We’re highlighting a few tips that you can consider before flipping out completely and going berserk. You can try them at home before calling and waiting for the customer services center to respond. Moreover, some speed issues are pretty common and you can handle them easily on your own.

You can divide the satellite internet speed issues into two more basic parts. First is the outdoor equipment problem that may occur due to weather conditions and the second is the internal equipment, i.e., the modem/router. You can get them both back in working order by trying the following troubleshooting options.

  1. Check the outside equipment, that is the dish antenna. There may have been a storm the previous night, which may have tilted it to a bad angle.
  2. Make sure that it is facing the southern sky. If it isn’t so then just give the HughesNet customer services center a call. State your problem. Get the technicians to configure your dish antenna in a way that it gets the best signals to your location.
  3. Take careful measures if your antenna is on the roof.
  4. It may be covered with debris, snow, and dust. Clean it properly without compromising the equipment.
  5. The cables connecting the dish to the modem may have gotten loose or some small rodent may have chipped away at it. They may need replacing.

Checking The Inside Equipment For Flaws

Once you’ve made sure that all the outside equipment is up to date and configured properly and there are still speed issues, then it’s time to check your modem and/router.

  1. HughesNet internet plans are now coming with great promotions. They are including a modem/router with in-built Wi-Fi, totally free of cost to all new subscribers. In case you are an existing customer with modem issues, you can try to reboot it to refresh the device.
  2. Press the restart button for a long time until all the lights stop blinking. Then wait a few minutes before turning it on.
  3. If that doesn’t work then unplugging the device from the power source may do just the trick. I have both the modem and the router then unplug both and wait for 30 seconds before plugging them all back in.
  4. Run a speed test afterward to check the exact speed.
  5. You may have been using the router/modem for too long. Constant innovations are happening in the telecom industry that include upgraded gadgets as well. The device that you have maybe a too old school for good connectivity.
  6. Call the customer services at HughesNet and get a newly updated device. You can also use a router of your own choice but make sure that it is compatible with your ISP’s specifications.
  7. Update your internal equipment’s firmware as that might be old and glitchy. It’s like putting nutrition into your modem. Just check the Localcabledeals and look for HughesNet modem’s latest firmware version.
  8. Wi-Fi connections can get a little lame sometimes due to various reasons. Check the placement of your equipment. It should not be placed in a corner with no access to your connected devices. It should be placed where there will be less distortion of signals.
  9. The whole problem may be with your modem’s inability to spread strong signals throughout the house. HughesNet Wi-Fi extender can help resolve this problem. It will mimic the modem’s Wi-Fi configuration without asking for logins and passwords and then it’ll spread strong signals all over the house. This can help with slow-speed issues.
  10. Ethernet cable or a wired connection is better than a Wi-Fi-only connection. The signals on a Wi-Fi network have to travel through the air and other physical barriers, causing a serious obstruction. Whereas, on an Ethernet network, it just has to travel through the cable or the wire.
  11. Try using fewer devices if you are experiencing some serious speed lag. More connected devices pulling more energy from the same modem/router will have a direct impact on the speed of your connection.

Satellite internet simply cannot beat fixed networks but what it can do is that it will give you your money’s worth. The equipment may sound expensive but once you understand the troubles and concerns that we have faced in the ordeal to get a reliable connection, we’d say that it’s worth the headache. It isn’t just that satellite internet has provided communication and networking to rural districts. It is also that the broadband that services like HughesNet are providing is fast, stable, and amazing.

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