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Hotel Labor Management Software Will Enable You to Run a Smooth Operation

Hotel Labor Management Software
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Hotel labor management software can completely transform how you run your hotel, and for the better Scheduling, attendance and payroll are all tedious processes. If any of these steps lag behind, the operation of your entire hotel can falter, which can lead to less-than-satisfied guests and employees.

Fortunately, labor management software, or LMS, can be tooled specifically for hotels and restaurant supervisors. In other words, hotel labor management software can ensure that all of your staff is organized, efficient, and accountable. Here is how it works: 

Scheduling, Attendance and Payroll 

When you are running a 24/7 hotel and managing all the seasonal peaks and lulls that come with it, shift scheduling can be a real problem. Hotel labor management software has several important features that help keep you well-staffed in a cost-effective manner.

Shifts can be automatically using templates applications set for full and part-time employees.   Additionally,  mobile applications allow workers to request time off or call in sick directly through the system from anywhere at any time. That way, you can adjust any shift gaps in the schedule without having to rearrange the entire schedule. 

What’s more, room rental forecasting can help you determine if you need to scale your workforce up or down.  Additionally, daily reporting means that you can keep close tabs on cost assessment without waiting until the end of each pay period.

Attendance options can include biometric clocks, which allow workers to clock in using just their fingerprints. This system makes buddy punching impossible. Some software even offers geofencing features, which track employee moments throughout the shift to make sure everyone is where they belong.

Not to mention, you can load digitized attendance directly onto the software. The software can even account for different pay grades (for example, overtime and holiday hours) as well as essential tax information.

Finally, portal applications provide employees with up-to-date scheduling information They also allow employees to view payroll breakdowns and change important information as needed, such as a change of address or dependent exemptions. 

Task Prioritization and Completion 

The somewhat spontaneous nature of working in a hotel can make accountability difficult to regulate. As new situations arise, informing the staff and shifting priorities can be chaotic and inefficient.

Real-time connections allow management and the front desk to communicate with the rest of the staff to ensure that all guests’ needs can be met at a moment’s notice. For example, if someone books a room with two king-size beds, then the front desk can move one of these rooms to the top of the housekeeping’s work queue.

Similarly, a housekeeper can let the front desk know when rooms are completed without traveling back and forth. If a housekeeper comes across a maintenance issue, they report it through the portal immediately. 

Even maintenance workers can manage their workflow on their mobile devices, thanks to hotel labor management software. Should an emergency arise, the software will sound an alarm to let them know. 

Bottom line: Hotel Labor Management Software is Worth the Investment

The connectivity capabilities of hotel labor management software allow staff to work together with zero to minimal management while also keeping supervisors in the loop. A good LMS system not only makes hotel employees more efficient but also allows for more personnel responsibility and autonomy. Hotel labor management software is an ideal tool for smoothing out your operations strategy. Find the perfect software for your hotel today!

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