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CBD Oil Pet Products Safety

CBD for Pets
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The fact that cannabidiol reacts similarly in animals as it does people means that clinical research done for humans can be presumed to have similar effects for these species. Dogs and cats particularly have comparable organ functionality, immune systems, and brain passageways, along with endocannabinoid systems. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) works with receptors in the ECS in the brain and throughout the body to help regulate primary functions. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Studies on potential benefits and possible side effects of the compound have focused on people, and rats, to this point, with few on the animal population. But with the similarities among species with anatomy, there is the benefit of comparatives. 

CBD Oil Pet Products Side Effects

The primary takeaway with CBD is to understand with cats and dogs that you want to avoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive that causes the “high” in marijuana. Animals can be exceptionally sensitive to the cannabinoid. 

Most cannabidiol oil on the market contains only trace amounts of THC. For some pets, this is enough to cause a reaction. In these instances, you will need to search for pure CBD. 

A positive for CBD oil is that it produces very few side effects. It is in no way fatal. Accidental excess in dosage creates side effects, but not unintentional death due to the nature of the compound. Potential risks and side effects can be seen in further detail at . These can include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of complete muscle control
  • Unusually tired with activities of daily life
  • An increase in fatigue / suddenly exhausted
  • Paw-to-eye coordination reduced
  • Heart rate reduced due to the body calming with oil taking effect
  • Increase in thirst / dry mouth

If your pet experiences any or all of these types of reactions, it merely means that you should reduce the next dose, but you will have no worry of harm coming to your pet because of too great of an amount given. 

The process of perfecting the level takes trial and error. Still, you can do so with the knowledge that these few side effects have the potential to wear off within approximately an hour of setting in depending on the amount given, perhaps less time. CBD oil is a natural substance that is more readily accepted by the body than prescription medication. It is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and impossible to overdose.

Purchasing CBD Oil Pet Products

In searching for companies that manufacture CBD oil for pets, you will need to do research. Most pet parents are eager for their furry friends to try the various products (go on this URL to check them out) after they learn about the potential for health-related benefits in the physical and mental capacity, but it’s essential to use caution. There is a multitude of brands, some of a higher quality than others.

With the subpar brands, there is a high likelihood of obtaining contaminated products either that contain THC or hazardous contaminants and additives. Some of these might not even have CBD in the ingredients but will falsely claim it to be.

The only way to avoid these types of places is to pay attention to the packaging and view the brand’s website. It is wise to read the reviews and check the background of the brand.

As a pet parent, you should always ask questions of the manufacturer to find out where the compound was sourced from and inquire whether it was third-party lab tested. These results should be readily available for viewing in which you should pay special attention to the CBD and THC levels.

A brand that is most forthcoming with answers and helpful in guiding you through how the substance was grown, extracted, and ultimately came to be, will be your quality resource.

Final Thought

You will be the ultimate resource in determining the safety of the CBD oil for your furry friend. It takes you to perform the “trial-and-error” process to get the dose where it needs to be. 

The responsibility is yours to research in finding the best quality brand to purchase from and the highest-grade products to purchase with the safest ingredients. Read the benefits of top-of-the-line substances for a pet here.

It will be you who ensures that the vet sees the animal before a regimen starts to avoid medication interactions and interference with any potential underlying conditions. 

The takeaway is, as a pet parent, the wellness and quality of life for your faithful companion is in your hands.

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