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Best Ways to Administer CBD Oil Products

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The human body is a perfect set of organ systems, each of which has its function. Most of them have been known for millennia. But science has only recently discovered another system in humans. It is an endocannabinoid system, responsible for many vital functions.

For ECS to work correctly, your body produces components called endocannabinoids. If there are not enough of them, ECS can’t perform its function, and various conditions that affect your health occur. Things like inflammations, chronic pain, problems with appetite and digestion, and some mental disorders can happen.

In order to compensate for low levels of endocannabinoids, it’s necessary to encourage the body to boost the secretion of these elements. On this website, you can read about ways to do it. Using one of the many types of hemp-based goods is an excellent way to improve ECS’s work. 

CBD Oils as the First Choice of Many

This product has broken the ice in the market. Since CBD oils appeared, it didn’t take long for them to become top-sellers. As the range of hemp-based products has expanded, cannabidiol oils confidently hold the lead.

One of the reasons why oils are popular is the ease of use. Since it is an oil-based product, it’s palatable, and you can take it orally (pour a few drops under the tongue, not in the throat). That’s also the fastest and most effective way of ingestion. 

CBD is safe for this way of use, but not everyone likes its taste. It’s a bit earthy or grassy, ​​but nothing that can’t be tolerated for a minute or two. That’s for how long you need to hold this product in your mouth before swallowing.

If you are looking for another method of administering CBD oil, try mixing with food. There are specific rules, such as that CBD should be mixed with healthy fats (because it’s fat-soluble) and not exposed to high temperatures. Baking is allowed, but only up to a temperature of 320F. Keep in mind that the action of cannabidiol mixed with food will be slower because it passes through the digestive tract.

Vaping Products

CBD first-timers usually make the mistake of thinking that they can use pure CBD oil for vaping. Although technically possible, it’s not desirable. On Cheefbotanicals, you can find special CBD vape juices based on oil. These products have many additives that make their evaporation easier. Also, these juices can be found in various flavors to make the vaping more pleasant.

The most common vaping devices are vape pens, which can be refillable or disposable (for about a few hundred puffs). In these most vaporizers, you can use CBD cartridges or pods. In refillable models, you can pour vape juice as desired. Again, don’t use pure CBD oil for vaping.

Tinctures Containing Cannabidiol


First, you should know that tincture is not the same as CBD oil, although it has almost the same effect and use method. Tinctures are made on an alcohol basis and contain terpenes, other cannabinoids, and some flavors (chocolate, vanilla, orange, mint, etc.). These aromas make them very pleasant for oral consumption, which is the most desirable with this product.

Cooking with CBD tinctures is not recommended, as the alcohol evaporates very quickly, even at low baking temperatures. Still, you can add some of this product to warm coffee or herbal tea. Also, since the tincture has an alcohol base, it is easily soluble in water (unlike oil).

Topicals and Edibles

With these two types of hemp products, it’s clear how you should use them. Topical products can’t have any application other than dermal. Depending on the type (lotions, balms, salves), cannabidiol can act faster or slower. That usually depends on the type of foundation in topicals. Skin absorbs wax more slowly, while with products containing emulsifiers, it goes faster.

Some ideas on DIY topicals, see below:

Edibles can only be eaten (no need to mix with other foods). You can choose from chocolate, candy, lollipops, syrup, nuts covered with CBD-infused chocolate, and many more. Or you can have them all.

All described products contain hemp components that are most similar to endocannabinoids. Therefore, CBD is safe to use, either as a supplement or adjunctive therapy, to treat many diseases. Even your pets can benefit from cannabidiol.

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