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Konosuba Season 3 Review

Konosuba Season 3
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KonoSuba Season 3 got a lot of popularity when its first season came out back in 2016. Konosuba is a Japanese anime series that has a huge fan following across the world. Till now there are two KonoSuba seasons and people are waiting for Konosuba season 3 already. The story of Konosuba revolves around a boy who is in the fantasy world along with MMORPG elements following his death. Konosuba is one of the best anime series with lots of fun characters and excellent voice acting. 

Here in the articles below i am going to write down all the important details related to Konosuba season 3. Let’s have a look at them. 

All You Need To Know About Konosuba Season 3

Do you know that every anime series in the world needs already existing source material. It could be anything like a video game, a novel or Manga. Konosuba is an anime series that is based on light novels. The full name of the light novel is “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World” 

The most important thing to know is, how many sequels does this novel have? If the writer has already written konosuba season three then there is a possibility that konosuba season 3 will be on its way. And probably it will hit your screens anytime soon. But in other cases, if the story is going towards an ending, then there is a very little possibility of konosuba season 3. 

According to my research, till now there are 17 novel volumes of Konosuba. All of them are released in japan. In addition to this there is one spin-off series as well. According to some reports konosuba season 3 was called off because of its spin off series. 

Reports say that the author is planning to even write more on Konosuba in future. So there is nothing wrong in saying that we should expect Konosuba season 3 in near future. 

Which Light Novels Does The Anime Of Konosuba Cover?

The first season of Konosuba was released in january 2016. The season consists of 10 episodes and it covers volume 1 and 2 of the light novel. Konosuba season 2 was released in january 2017 and like season 1 it has 10 episodes covering volume 3 and 4 of the light novel. The spin off series of konosuba covers complete volume 5. So there are almost 12 more volumes to be adopted. 

If you are a konosuba fan and eagerly waiting for konosuba season 3 then congratulations, it might hit your screen anytime soon. 

Any Confirmed Release Date Of Konosuba Season 3?

Well there is no confirmed release date of Konosuba season 3. We don’t have any official confirmation, neither is there any press release or conference related to the release date of konosuba season 3. But according to the experts prediction, konosuba season 3 is expected somewhere between 2021 – 2022. According to some rumours, the premier of konosuba season 3 is going to hit the screen in june 2021. 

The above dates are just rumors and predictions. There is yet not any confirmed release date. So all we can do is wait for any official statement from the creators of the konosuba series. 

Buzz And Hype For Konosuba Season 3

One of the most important factors that decides the fate of any anime series is “its hype”. 

  • How many people on social media are still talking about konosuba season 1 and 2?
  • What is the current status of konosuba’s facebook pages? 
  • Engagement of the audience on social media platforms?
  • Do people even remember the first two seasons or there is no hype at all. 

All these questions decide the fate of any series. In most cases the sequels don’t get the fame and popularity as season 1 and the reasons are mentioned above already. The success of any series or sequels depends only and only on people’s engagement and its hype. Totorsicese the hype of any sequel. 

  • Social media engagements. 
  • Video games. 
  • Small advertisement that reminds people of previous seasons and stories. 
  • Cartoon characters of mobile apps. 

In the case of konosuba its popularity is increasing day by day. And all the credits go to the management team. Recently in 2020 a new konosuba game has been launched and it is doing great. The spin off series has gained much popularity and almost every konosuba fan is now talking and waiting for its season 3. 

Wrapping Up

Considering all the above points, we can clearly say that Konosuba season 3 is on its way. This series has everything in its favour from sales to hype, promotions, games and engagement, there is nothing wrong saying that season 3 will hit the viewers screen by 2021.

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