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123Movies is one of the best and most popular online movie streaming websites. With tons of TV shows and movies, this website has got millions of users from different corners of the world. 123Movies has also some other names like Go Movies, 123Movies Hub, MeMovies, etc. 123Movies websites got into trouble a lot of times because of their piracy and law issues. In Fact, in 2018, this website got banned in different parts of the world. But Still, this is one of the most used online movie streaming websites in the world. 

Many people who are already using this website, or are planning to watch online movies on 123movies are concerned about its authenticity. Different questions pop up in your mind while using this website. Like is it safe to use 123movies? Is 123movies legal? Is this website violating copyright laws? If you are also looking for the answers to these questions then great you are at the right place. In the article below I am going to talk about 123movies in detail so let’s have a look. 

123Movies: A Brief Introduction

123Movies is an online movie streaming website. You can access this website using any browser on your phone or on your personal computer. Starting with the interface of 123movies. It has a simple, easy to understand and elegant layout. One thing that I am concerned about with any online streaming website is its layout, either the website is user-friendly or not? 123movies is a super user friendly website. You can see the search bar in front of your eyes. The movies are properly categorized. 123movies has got movies from different genres, like comedy, action, thrill, adventure, horror, romance and whatnot. You just name the movie, and 123movies got it for you. 

The search bar option is very advanced, search movies by name in a fraction of seconds. Just type the name you will see the results in the blink of an eye. The cherry on the top is unlike other websites including Netflix and hubu, 123movies is absolutely free to use. Yes, you have read it right, get the same content like other big websites,but for free. No sign up information or registration form is needed to use this website. All you need to do is open the official website and start browsing your favourite movie category. 

Moreover, 123movies also allows you to download movies for free. You can download your favorite movies and then watch them later without paying a penny. 

Is it Illegal to Use 123movies? 

This is one of the most asked questions about 123movies. And the answer to this question is a little confusing as well. 123movies is not illegal, as every country has its own piracy and copyright laws, that’s why this website was labeled as an illegal website in some regions of the world. One pro tip for all the users is “read copyright policy of the country in which you are living in” before using 123movies. 

Is 123Movies Safe to Use? 


No matter if it is 123movies, or any other online streaming website, people are usually concerned about their privacy while using any of these websites. I really appreciate users who are concerned about their important files and data. Soor your informatio123movie is absolutely safe to use. You can use this website on your mobile and PC without any fear of privacy or virus. Just make sure you are not clicking on any third party advertisement. Doing so will have its consequences of course. 

123Movies Alternative for 2021

123movies official website is not working in different regions of the world because of the copyright laws. If you are facing any issue like this then don’t worry. Following are some of the legal alternatives of 123movies. Just have a look at them. 

Amazon Prime Video


The very first on the list is Amazon Prime Video. This website is legal and safe to use. You can find tons of interesting content like movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime. The only drawback of using Amazon Prime is it’s not free like 123movies. You need to pay a little subscription fee.



Youtube is the most famous online streaming platform that is legal in every part of the world. Youtube is free to stream small videos beautiful you are trying to watch your favorite videos that too in HD quality, it requires a subscription fee. Unlike Amazon Prime, youtube is more expensive. On the other hand the variety of the content available over there is huge. You just name the movie, cartoon, tvshow, kids content or whatsoever, youtube has everything for humans of every age. 

The content quality is HD. It feels like watching a movie in a cinema or theatre. In short, if you are looking for a legal alternative for 123movies, then youTube is the best option. 



If you are a movie freak and love to watch content from different regions of the world then Netflix is your thing. This website was introduced a few years back and got a lot of popularity among its uses. Netflix is one of the most cost-effective options with tons of excellent movies. TV shows, seasons, cartoons, etc. 

Netflix is an easy-to-use and user friendly website with millions of users. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy some HD quality movies on Netflix right away. 

Wrapping Up

Though there are tons of online streaming movie websites, in fact, i can’t count them in numbers, but still 123movies has got some prominent place in this list. 123movies is a popular and most used movie streaming website with fans from different regions of the world. This website is absolutely safe to use and you don’t need to worry about your privacy and files while using 123 movies. Just make sure that you are arousing the official website. 

To visit the official website click here and enjoy tons of free movies for free.