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What You Should Know About New Vaping Restrictions

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Vaping Devices: a Way from Glory to Shame

Vaping as a hobby has experienced a lot. Firstly, everyone welcomed it as it was considered a new way of getting rid of e cig addiction. Most people were happy to buy these devices for themselves and their loved ones. People saw a great new safe, and useful opportunity in this brand new device on the market.

Of course, there were enough people who were critical of such developments, but, in general, these were golden times for the vape industry around the world. However, as time passed and some studies were conducted, humanity discovered certain threats in the activity for both human health and nature.

New Challenges for the Vaping Industry

Currently, the situation with the vape pen remains ambiguous. On the one hand, the device has gained public popularity, and it cannot be easy to eradicate it from citizens’ minds. The majority of young people we know have grown up watching vape pens ad and seeing adults and peers vaping.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of the product also did not sit idly by. They developed new technologies, for example, 510 thread batteries (, improved on old ones (for instance, the change from cig-a-likes to vape pods). Generally speaking, they tried to find a middle ground between convenience and utility.

Government vs. Vaping industry: Complicated Relationship

Even the government was not in a hurry to introduce any restrictions all these years. Having no sufficient proof that the devices are hazardous, they could do nothing. At the same time, they could have initiated more research on the topic, which they avoided doing. This can be the only reason we can blame them for this issue.

For sure, now the government is working on regulation of the rules between members of society regarding vape pens, medical cannabis, and all the other things related to the topic. All of us hear the news from here and there. One of the most notorious were the scandals of Donald Trump trying to ban e cig flavourings.

FDA and Vaping industry: the View of Society

Over the past few years, the FDA has taken serious action to address the situation with e-cigarettes, their juices, the best 510 thread battery for cartridges, and other components of this hobby. Some measures were too unjustified. For example, a proposal to ban menthol-flavored cigarettes. On the other hand, the inclusion of these devices in the register of tobacco products was on time.

It is important to note that the way the FDA implements its e-cigarette policies is commendable. They do not just present rules for review. The FDA encourages the public to study the issues and join the discussion. That is why such proposals have been considered for a long time. On the other hand, some members of society, regardless of their position, sometimes complain about the FDA’s slowness.

Local Authority vs. Vaping industry: Recent Examples

In addition to national regulations on vape devices and related products (nicotine salt, e juice, e rig, hookah, e nail, wax pen, 510 thread vape pen), local authorities also have the right to allow prohibit such devices. As a result, some states are changing the regulation of vape floor sales on the ground. Related laws are also being developed.

For example, in seventeen states, including southern California and Texas, the age at which tobacco related products can be purchased has recently risen to twenty-one. Moreover, San Francisco has completely banned the sales of those products, which were not officially approved by the FDA directly, within the city. This law is valid for more than a year already and seems to be successful.

Laws, Which Are Expected to Come in 2021

There are also some other laws, which might attract your attention. They include a prohibition of e-cigs sales in the stores without an “under 18” sign. They say that e-cigs cannot be placed on the shelves so that children can see it because it might be critical for their tolerance to the devices. They also plan to make online stores stick to a certain age so that minors are out of the circle of potential clients.

They say that 2021 must be a critical deadline for these new restrictions. In fact, this deadline has already been moved back and forth for a couple of years. Firstly, it should have been 2018, then they changed it to 2022, and now they insist on making it in 2021. No one can predict if any new changes are made, but it is obvious that bans for online shops are difficult to come into reality.

Reasons for these Laws to Appear

As we can see, governmental bills and local policies are all reactions to what is happening in society. The issue of teen vaping and the reasons for its danger have been described in-depth in recent scientific research. The risks of addiction to nicotine (which vape juices contain) are well known for decades already. Cases of battery explosions as a result of stupid experiments have been widely discussed as well. All these make us think that any sale of a vape mod, best 510 thread vape pen, or banana vape liquid should be under strict governmental control.

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