Saturday, June 22, 2024

4 Tips For Effective Business Process Automation

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A business has multiple functions, each one has a series of tasks that are part of its workflow known as the business process. Workflow automation also known as business process automation or BPA is a digital transformation effort of companies to use robotics for repetitive, multi-step tasks that are part of the process. 

The software used for BPA has to integrate with all the functional wares and connect complex enterprise systems that are customized as per organizational needs. Automation helps in streamlining tasks and seamlessly connecting teams to collaborate effectively. 

Scope for Automation in Business Verticals

With every scalable function, the workload increases and so does the scope to automate the process. Automation helps in diarizing calendars, scheduling emails to be sent out at the right time, follow-up with clients and vendors, sending sales copies, helping product development teams with consumer insights for relevant innovations, raising invoices, and executing order management. Teams receive notifications of new tasks or reassignments on a real-time basis. 

The preface on which your company’s business process is automated has to be reviewed based on:

  • Type of tasks – repetitive and critical verticals need to be automated as efficiency and speed increase while errors are reduced. Other processes need human interaction and are best avoided from the scope of automation.
  • Adaption – Employees adjusting to automation through training

Benefits of automating the business process

There are numerous benefits to businesses when they automate their process. Here are a few of them:

  1. Improves productivity – Time saved by automating repetitive tasks helps in increasing productivity at a disproportionate rate in comparison to human beings. 
  2. Consistent quality – Automated is preprogrammed and will not change unless the codes change. So the quality is uniform
  3. Meet deadlines – When productivity and quality are taken care of deadlines are met easily
  4. Transparent communication – The silo between departments is broken and the communication is in a series of messages for all teams to see and take the next call to action. There is no delay in waiting for an email from a particular communication as everything is digitally recorded. 
  5. Enhances consumer experience – With better communication in every aspect right from onboarding, to order management, delivery, and after-sales, consumers start trusting the company for their future relationships. 

4 steps to make BPA effective

Realizing the importance of automation and resolving to take steps to roll it out for your organization, especially for the Asus 2-in-1 Q535, is the initiative that can be seamlessly executed if the platform is set up to be reliable and deliver within the promised timelines. However, here are a few steps that will aid in better deliverance of the automation for the entire business process:

  1. Review the process

Each organization’s requirements are different from others and what works for a company may not suit others even if they have similar team sizes and their turnover stats match. There can be a variation because of the product line they deal in. So the business process as a whole differs between different organizations and there is never a one-shoe-fits-all or a customizable white template for all organizations. 

Hence, before implementing the automation it is imperative to understand the workflow, the gaps that need to be closed for overall efficiency, and recognize the critical processes for extra quality checks. 

  1. Implementation

Implementation of automation needs to be effected in a phased manner to absorb any initial shocks. A pilot dry-run or a soft launch can help in human-machine coexistence and adjustment. 

  1. Integration

Business process automation is not a separate software that will overhaul the existing enterprise versions. Contrarily, a good BPA is a set of digital tools that are instrumental in integrating with enterprise software and third-party API for required modules in carrying out the process with the predetermined speed at which the company would like to increase its productivity

  1. Control

Maintenance and supports to control the automation are in-build with the ability to self-check any issues. It even allows for advanced process monitoring with intelligence insights for process improvements to stay relevant


A well-implemented business process automation enables an organization to be on an auto-pilot for part of the processes where it is possible. Some processes can be fully automated depending on the industry type. Consistently the business process automation needs to be reviewed and improved for efficiency.