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CVS Near Me – How much does a CVS cashier make a year

CVS Near Me
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In layman’s terms, a sales associate is an employee that deals in the sale of retail merchandise or services. Furthermore, these associates are also responsible for customer support by providing information on product use, composition, warranties, and related services and technicalities that arise during a transaction. Preferential candidates for such jobs are charismatic people who can communicate the merits of their products or services to a client in a professional manner. Consequently, such candidates not only succeed in scoring sales but also leaving a positive impression in clients’ minds. Furthermore, physically robust candidates who can work on foot for long periods of time and are durable, have a greater probability of being hired. Employee training is provided for by the company. The training period usually lasts a couple of days. 

Wages and Additional Benefits

Wages for a sales associate start above minimum wage levels. The hourly pay rate for beginner level employee revolves around $9.00 per hour. Increase in wages is possible as a sales associate accumulates experience; the possible increase in wages is up to $ 11.00 per hour. However, increases in wages are contingent on the deployment location of the sales associate. If the pharmacy’s store is in a profitable area or is already profitable, the chances of wage hikes are more certain. Moreover, in complement to the employee wages, there are also benefits provided. These benefits include,

  • Discount on store merchandise 
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Medical Coverage and Healthcare benefits
  • Insurance plans

Like wages, specific benefits and eligibility requirements also vary from location to location.

The job also provides additional perks such as an opportunity to advance to managerial position for skilled employees. 

We interviewed certain employees to document their experiences of working at CVS pharmacies. Here are there viewpoints. 

First Interview on CVS Near Me

Conversations with former and current employees further reveal the job description and environment of working as CVS sales associate. 

Interviewer: Please provide us with your job description and primary duties.

CVS pharmacy employee: I was employed as a sales associate who primarily dealt with customer service. I also performed inventory stock checks and shelves replacements, but mostly dealt with customer service.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?

CVS pharmacy employee: The work environment was accommodating and suitable. It consisted of both regular customers and occasionally people just passing through the stores. I generally worked the night shift so there are few people present. It was tranquil. 

Interviewer: What was the best aspect of your job?

CVS pharmacy employee: The best part was when I shifted from one city to another. I was able to get a job straight away because they have CVS almost everywhere.

Interviewer: Please describe the employment process?

CVS pharmacy employee: It was very easy and straight forward. I applied online and then got called for an interview the same day I submitted my application. The interview was short and the most important thing to them were the employee hours. Will the employee be devoted enough to do what needed to be done in time?

Interviewer: What sort of questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

CVS pharmacy employee: It was compromised of mostly generic job interview questions. They inquired about your strengths, weaknesses, available hours, and your interaction with other people.

Interviewer: Would you like to provide potential job seekers with any advice?

CVS pharmacy employee: Ensure you tell your manager that you want to explore all the opportunities that are available to you and be devoted. Basically, communicate your availability to the higher ups and be punctual. 

Second Interview 

Interviewer: Please provide us with your job title and description.

CVS pharmacy cashier: I was a cashier and stock person. If I wasn’t manning the counter, I would be stocking shelves and sorting items.

Interviewer: What was the best part about working there? 

CVS pharmacy cashier: Well I wasn’t very busy working there. There was a routine established and the work load wasn’t too hectic.

Interviewer: How would you describe your daily routine?

CVS pharmacy cashier: You typically check in at 8 in the morning. There are large crates of merchandise which you must sort.  

Interviewer: Please describe the application and interview process?

CVS pharmacy cashier: Its very thorough and intense. They have a 2-part interview. They thoroughly vet you and then interview you. In the interview they wanted to know my experience in dealing with the customers. I didn’t have any stock experience but had the ability to do it. 

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?

CVS pharmacy cashier: I was very energetic during the interview process. I told them that I was hardworking, willing to put in the required hours, and would punctually attend. 

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for other potential job candidates?

CVS pharmacy cashier: Coordinate your schedule with the employers, have regular attendance, and notify them of off days in advance. On duty time, just do what you’re told to do.

Third Interview

Interviewer: Please provide your job description and primary duties?

CVS Customer Service Representative: I performed a numerous set of tasks on job. I was a back up cashier in case of customer overload or staff shortages. My primary job was stocking. I would stock items on delivery and sort out the aisles at night. Although we are a 24/7 store, most of our customers arrive at day. At night the customers are low in numbers so that’s when we tidy up the aisles. Mainly, I did the floor stuff. All tasks were on the floor so that’s where  I mainly stayed. 

Interviewer: What was the work environment like? 

CVS Customer Service Representative: I greatly admired it. I got the chance to interact with a great deal of people of diverse origins. If they had any questions, it was my job to facilitate them. If they’re asking, “Where can I find this?” You take them to what they’re looking for, whatever item they want. Moreover, the customers are grateful and often reply by thanking you which makes you feel appreciated. It was a great environment and I really liked it.  

Interviewer: How would you describe the job application and interview process?

CVS Customer Service Representative: It was a few years ago, I think they’ve an online process now. It was a paper application for me which I submitted to the store manager. The manager replied,

“Okay, if you have time now, I can interview you now.”

I was interviewed on the spot as soon as I submitted my application. He asked me various questions about my experience and why I want to work at CVS. They were mainly generic interview questions.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

CVS Customer Service Representative: I would advise people to be very friendly because you’re going to be interacting with a vast number of people. Even if you’re not feeling well or are in a bad mood, you can’t show it. You need to treat everybody cordially and be accommodating. I would advise inquiring about their day like, “How’s your day going? Do you need help finding something?”. You need to be pro-active and approach the customers rather than have them approach you. Customers can often be shy or nervous. You need to step up, approach them, and inquire if they need any help. 

Fourth Interview

Interviewer: Please provide us with your job description and title.

CVS cashier: I was employed as a cashier at CVS. I collected and managed payments and helped people bag their purchases. Also, I stocked the incoming merchandise whenever required and cleaned the store and vacuumed. 

Interviewer: What was the best part about working at CVS?

CVS cashier: I really liked the discount I got as part of the employee benefits package. Also, I worked really close to my neighborhood so there was always the chance I would interact with someone I knew. 

Interviewer: How would you describe the interview process?

CVS: It was very easy. I filled out an online form and submitted it for an interview. I had one interview in which I scored the job. The interviewer asked situational scenarios in which he basically asked,

“What would you do in this scenario?”

Fifth Interview

Interviewer: How was your experience working at CVS?

Employee: I have worked at CVS pharmacy since 2007 until I returned to my education and school. The main thing I loved about my job were the customers. I was always tried to be helpful to them and still do so. As a result, they always personally used to ask for me. Initially, I started out as a cashier and quickly fulfilled my training for it. Later, I also started to conduct stocking and pricing. The pay was suitable, due to my seniority and experience, I was in the upper pay scale usually around the $11 per hour bracket. I loved the store discount benefits and the time flexibility offered. I recently moved to another city and I’m hoping to get a job at one of the CVS pharmacy stores because of my great experience at previous stores.


Based on our analysis of the interviewee responses, we can draw up a few conclusions. Majority employees interviewed displayed satisfaction and content at the work environment of CVS pharmacies. The ease of job application was another factor positively stated for by the employees. The interviews weren’t overly intricate but rather short and to the point. Thus, the salary offered by the pharmacy seems worth it when variables such as workload is considered alongside the perks offered. At least two employees stated that they were satisfied with the employee product discount offered at CVS pharmacy. In conclusion, it can be stated the cashier and sales job offered by CVS pharmacy is worthwhile employment to consider. 

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