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An Overview Of Some Of The Different Ways Conveyor Belt Systems Make Our Lives Easier

Conveyor Belt Systems
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Conveyor belt systems have been around since possibly as far back as 1804 when the British Navy used them to make biscuits for their sailors to take on long voyages. After that, they were mostly used to transport raw natural materials such as coal and ores to make mining safer, easier, and more efficient. These days, however, conveyor belt systems are used in some form or another in an unbelievable range of industries and for a very diverse range of applications. As such, they have revolutionized modern life in many different ways, making all of our lives easier. Here are just some of the ways in which this humble invention helps us out.

Sorting Recycling

Protecting the environment has been one of the key concerns for humanity in recent years, and as such, more and more of us are being diligent about recycling. What you might not know is that after we’ve sorted our own recycling at work or at home and it goes to be processed, conveyor belt systems play a big part in helping to separate it effectively and efficiently ready to be reused.

Packaging Pharmaceuticals

Now that modern companies such as Fluent Conveyors can construct conveyor belt systems capable of transporting lightweight and fragile products in perfect sanitary conditions, they can also handle products like medications. It’s made mass production of pharmaceutical drugs much more efficient, from filling bottles and blister packs to labeling and tracking.

Sorting Mail

We also use conveyor belt systems to sort our mail, dividing our letters and parcels up by weight, size, and destination to ensure they get to the appropriate container ready to be dispatched. Plus, they are scanned regularly along the way so that customers can keep track of their items. To give you some idea of the scale, UPS’s sorting facility in Kentucky has an astonishing 155 miles of conveyor belts to make sure everything gets to the right place!

Food And Drink

Conveyor belt systems have made food and drink manufacturing much quicker and easier too. We’ve all seen those fascinating videos of canned or bottled drinks speeding their way along the production line to be filled, labeled, and boxed up ready for consumption, and the same goes for food. These days with advances in sanitation, not only packaged foods but also raw, frozen, chilled, fresh, and cooked ingredients can be transported this way. It’s not only moving edible goods either – you can actually clean, cut, bake and cook everything from chocolate and sweets to bread and pastries on a conveyor belt system now.

Moving People

It isn’t just objected that get transported along with conveyor belts; it’s people too! From moving walkways that carry people between gates at airports or platforms in large subway stations to slanted versions that carry people between floors in shopping malls and large grocery stores, these ‘endless traveling sidewalks’ are helpful for those with mobility problems or luggage, as well as for navigating steep slopes.

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