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Common Questions Lawyers Ask Their Clients

Common Questions
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One of the important basics lawyers learn is asking the right questions to their prospective clients. After all, legal representatives need to know all the information concerning the case at hand so that they can find a solution around it. For a successful process, be prepared for a whole list of questions on the first day. 

Remember that the outcome of your case mostly depends on the information that you share with your lawyers. Therefore, each word you utter is vital in either complicating or simplifying the ruling process. On that note, here are five frequent questions that lawyers ask their clients.

How Can I Help You?

Given that this is a very competitive industry, an attorney should initiate the first meeting by appreciating the clients for choosing them over others. This approach encourages the client to feel at ease and share even the most intimate details of the case. 

With the right information, it is easier for legal representatives to come up with a strong argument on behalf of the client. Bear in mind that the process becomes less complicated if it begins in a cordial lawyer-client relationship

What Are Your Expectations?

For a fulfilling process, your lawyer should identify with your aspirations from the beginning. For instance, in your case ruling, do you want your defaulted money paid? Or, is it your wish that the criminal gets a stiff penalty? Likewise, inform your lawyers if you expect any form of compensation from your case.

It is important to mention all your desires for your lawyers to determine if it is possible to achieve them. Keep in mind that some client’s requests are way above the law. Therefore, for any anticipation, ensure that it is within the legal limitations. All in all, a reliable attorney should guide their clients to a satisfying process.

How Best Can We Communicate?

Communication through a legal process is fundamental. When your lawyer shoots this question, they need to know the convenient channels to reach you. The main idea here is to give out the most fitting option depending on your inclination, location, and availability. For instance, if you live in an area with weak internet connections, do not give emails as your preferred option. Instead, share a telephone number or an address for trouble-free access to information.

What Are Your Main Worries in this Case?

This question enables the legal representatives to plan their next action. If you express fear of losing due to certain facts, your lawyer will most likely research further into the facts you have provided and give you a professional view of whether you will win or lose the case if it goes to trial. For instance, the main role of a personal injury lawyer is to help the client obtain justice or compensation after agony or losses from an accident after establishing the at-fault party. 

Are You Content with Our Rates?

Due to various factors, attorney charges vary from one case to the other. The main reason behind this question is for you to express your capability to afford the services offered. If the rates go beyond your expectations, do not hesitate to mention or request a cut. It is worth noting that most lawyers are flexible and would not mind negotiating for a lower rate. 


The basis of excellent lawyer-client relations starts from the questions asked in the initial meetings. While queries may differ depending on the case and the legal representative, a good compilation of questions is essential in getting the facts right. The thumb rule is to always give genuine information as a firm foundation in the entire legal process.

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