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All human beings are unique, they have different interests, specialties, and hobbies. Some of us are interested in music, some love book reading and many of us are fashion freaks. Gone are the days when we are supposed to limit our ideas to ourselves only. Now all thanks to technology and tons of websites that are offering “guest posts” or “Write for Us” to share your love and experiences and earn a good amount every month. 

Many websites are offering “Write For us” opportunities hence providing the writers and bloggers a platform to express themselves and in return, they will get exposure and traffic generation on their website. 

If you are new to the blogging world and have no knowledge regarding “Write For us” then don’t worry. Here is a brief introduction to “Guest posting” and how you can post your content here on Rouser News. 

About Rouser News: 

Rouser news is a website with millions of viewers from different corners of the world. This website publishes content related to almost every field of life, from fashion to technology, social advancement, latest news, home decor, health, and whatsoever comes to mind. Rouser news is one of the most authentic platforms with the few best writers. The good news here is Rouser news gives you a “Write For Us” opportunity and it welcomes all the good content creators to publish their articles and blog posts. 

What Are We Looking For: 

Rouser news is looking for some enthusiastic content creators and guest bloggers who are well aware of current affairs. A person who has a strong grip over his/her area. No matter if it’s health, fashion, technology, social life, or anything else. We are accepting any article with good information between 600-2500 words. While creating content for Rouser news keep the following important points in your mind. 

  • Plagiarism is a big no!!! Be original. 
  • The information related to anything must be 100% authentic. Misleading articles won’t get approval. 
  • Be brief and to the point. Do not overwrite. 
  • Quality over quantity. 

How To Submit Your Article: 

Once you are done with your article, it’s time to submit the content to RouserNews at:

We have a team of editors, to review the submitted articles and blog posts. The team will have a meeting once a week, where the chief editor will decide whether the article matches the criteria or not. Once your article gets approved by the editing team it will get published on the official website i.e 

Objectives of Guest Posting: 

“Write For Us” is a great opportunity for all bloggers to get more exposure. Before writing or submitting a guest post, you must have some objectives in mind. Either you are doing so to improve your writing skills or you need to generate more traffic on your blog. Some of the most prominent objectives of guest posting are: 

  • Generate more organic traffic on your blog. 
  • Build backlinks for your website. 
  • Get popular and become a well-known guest blogger. 
  • Get a bigger platform with a huge target audience/viewers. 
  • Expand your business in less time. 
  • Better writing skills. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Writing A Guest Post: 

By now, you might have got an idea, of what is guest posting and how can you write for us. There is no doubt in the fact that guest posting is one of the most convenient ways to put yourself in the spotlight, especially in a blogger community. Keep the following things in mind before writing a guest post for a popular website. 

  • Visit the website Regularly: 

It is important to be a regular viewer of a website. A regular visit will keep you updated on what’s happening on the website. Closely observe the format of their other guest posts and read the comments of bloggers and audiences. This practice will help you to know what is popular on the website and which type of content is appreciated by the masses. You can also subscribe to the blog/website via email to keep a check on each happening. 

  • Write Your best: 

Of course, you are not writing on your website this time. You compete with many best bloggers and content creators, that’s why it is important to do your best. Take as much time as you want to shape your article in the best possible way. Read it again and again, fix all the grammatical mistakes. Try to keep your sentences short and to the point, try to divide the whole content into short and easy-to-read paragraphs. Use common words and focus on your vocabulary. In addition to that, be sure about the number of words too, articles over 3000 words become boring and trust me no one has enough time to read long blogs and boring content. 

  • Prepare yourself after Guest Post:

Once you are done with posting a guest article. Be ready. Prepare your website for visitors now, as guest posting results in a lot of traffic generation. Make sure you have enough content on your blog to attract the maximum number of people. Also, engage yourself in the comment section. Answer any queries properly and respond to other bloggers as well.

Contact us: 

If you are interested to “Write For Us” then the following are the contact details of Rouser News: