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Abigale Mandler net worth Personal life, Career

Abigale Mandler
Abigale Mandler
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You might have heard the name of the famous Instagram blogger Abigale Mandler. Abigale Mandler gains her popularity from her self titled youtube channel where she has millions of followers from different parts of the world. Abigale Mandler has a versatile profession, she is a blogger, vlogger, and gamer who has the heart of many boys and girls. If you haven’t heard about Abigale Mandler yet, then read the article below. I have gathered some information related to her professional and personal life. Let’s have a look at it. 


Abigale Mandler is a famous youtube star with millions of fan following. She is an American born, and she first opened her eyes on 22 July 1995. Abigale Mandler is famous for her live streaming, vlogging, blogging, and gaming. She created her youtube channel back in the year 2015, and till now she has about 157K Subscribers and millions of views on each video. Abigale Mandler is also part of lux gaming and she is popular on other social media websites too like twitter and Instagram. On twitter, she has 250K followers, whereas 200K followers, follow her on Instagram. 

Personal life. 

She was born and brought up in the united states. There is no much information related to Abigale Mandler’s early study life or her parents. She never talked about her parents in front of the public or media. She had 4 siblings, 1 sister, and 3 brothers. There isn’t any further detail about her siblings and their career. It looks like Abigale Mandler doesn’t ever want to talk about her family and parents. There is no such news regarding Abigale Mandler’s love life too. She might be in a relationship or might not be, but she never talked about it on social media. 

According to some news, Abigale Mandler is already married but she hasn’t revealed it in front of public yet. Maybe she will announce it later. There is still no information regarding her husband and his profession. Abigale Mandler fans and followers are eagerly waiting for her marriage new confirmation. Let’s see when it is going to happen. 

Professional life: 

Abigale Mandler became famous when she uploaded her first video on her youtube channel. The name of that video was “ Thirsty Thursday” and it was uploaded back in the year 2017. In this video, she collaborated with Zoie Burgher and after then we can see them both collaborating different videos. Abigale Mandler and Zoie Burgher are good friends and partners and we can see this in their videos too. Zoie Burgher helped Mandler in gaining popularity. Whatever she is today, Zoie has an important role in her success. She also got famous among gamers when she started uploading gameplay videos. Gamers from different parts of the world follow her because of Mandler’s gaming skills. What’s better than watching a beautiful girl playing your favorite video games? She has posted gameplay videos of such games as “Resident Evil” franchise, “Tomb Raider”, “Call of Duty”, and “Super Smash Bros”. “ASMR” is her most popular gaming video as this video has more than 2 million views. 

Other than gaming, Mandler also got popularity because of her sexy videos and adult content, in many videos, she is showing off her cleavage or wearing revealing clothes. That’s the reason a huge chunk of males is following her. Though there is a lot of criticism on Mandler’s style of vlogging, it looks like she doesn’t care anymore, and Mandler is only focusing on her work. 

Abigale Mandler Body Measurement: 

Abigale Mandler has got a sexy body. Her body and sexy pictures are one of the main reasons for getting all this fame on social media networks especially Instagram. Abigale is 5ft 6inc tall, which is equal to 1.70m. While her weight is around 59kgs. She is a natural redhead, and her red hair is loved by her fans and followers. Her eyes are green and beautiful. Mandler knows very well, how to use her looks to attract the maximum audience on her youtube channel and Instagram page. 

Abigale Mandler net worth: 

Have you ever wondered about the net worth of an Instagram star or youtube blogger? They earn millions. Abigale Mandler started her career back in the year 2016 and till now hse has uploaded the number of videos on her youtube channel. It means Abigale Mandler has earned a lot from social media platforms especially Instagram and youtube. According to an estimate, the net worth of Abigale Mandler till now is $500,000. Isn’t that impressive? It looks like she is going to earn more in the future, as Mandler is quite successful in her career. 

Here is all the important information related to the popular youtube sensation Abigale Mandler. If you want to add something more to the above article. Feel free to comment down. Our comment section is always open for your suggestions.