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7 Purchases You Need For Your New Baby Kitten

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Kittens are adorable, playful balls of mischief. You’re in for many years of feline antics and company if you’ve just got one. It’s an exciting and happy time when a new kitten joins your family. Kittens need specific items to maintain their comfort, protection, and general well-being, like human newborns. Here are seven things you must get for your newborn kitten to assist you in getting ready for your new pet.

Cat Carrier

You must have a cat carrier to carry your kitten safely and securely. A carrier offers your kitten a secure and cozy area, whether you’re bringing them on a trip or to the vet. Choose a carrier that is well-built, well-ventilated, and has a reliable locking system. Choose a size allowing your kitten to stand comfortably, turn back and forth, and lie down. It’s critical to ease your kitten into the carrier and help them feel comfortable there.

Food and Water Bowls

Purchase a set of food and water dishes made especially for kittens. If your kitten is still very young, use shallow dishes that are simple for them to get. Pick bowls made of porcelain or stainless steel since they are long-lasting, simple to clean, and odorless. Avoid plastic dishes since they can store bacteria and give some cats allergic reactions. To ensure appropriate hygiene, remember to fill the bowls with new water daily and wash them often.

Litter Box

A proper litter box is essential to maintain your kitten’s hygiene and overall environment in your house. Pick a simple modern cat litter box for your kitten to access. First, please avoid covered litter boxes since some kittens could find them threatening. Set up the litter box in a peaceful, convenient area. Choose a litter that is secure and appropriate for kittens as well. Avoid clumping litter for extremely young kittens since they could eat it when grooming. To protect your new kitten’s health and well-being, use non-clumping, odorless litter.

Kitten Food

Your growing pet needs nutritious kitten food that is of the highest quality. Look for kitten food that has been particularly developed to fulfill the nutritional needs of young kittens. These foods promote normal development, growth, and general well-being. If your kitten prefers wet or dry food, go with that choice. For particular nutritional advice, go to your veterinarian. If you decide to switch your kitten’s diet, it’s crucial to transition gradually to prevent gastric discomfort.

Scratching Post

Kittens naturally scratch, so a scratching post satisfies this demand while safeguarding your furnishings. Find a scratching post that is robust and tall enough for your cat to stretch out completely. Sisal or similar appropriate material that allows your kitty to grasp and scratch should be used to cover it. Put the scratching post in a convenient location, and to get your kitten to use it, gently guide their paws over it and praise them when they do.

Toys and Enrichment Items

Numerous toys and enrichment tools are required to keep your cat amused and cognitively active kittens like playing, jumping, and exploring. Pick kitten-safe toys such as small stuffed animals, interactive puzzles, and balls. Additionally excellent for collaborative playing sessions are teasers and wand toys. Give your cat scratching toys, passageways, and climbing frames to satisfy their innate inclinations and provide them opportunities for activity.

Bed or Blanket

It’s crucial to furnish your kitten’s resting area with comfort and coziness. Please give them a cozy place to hide and unwind with a bed or blanket. Find a bed created especially for kittens, making sure the materials are secure and simple to clean. An alternative is to use a cozy throw or towel as a temporary bed. Place the bed or blanket in a warm, peaceful part of your house, away from noise and drafts. This will provide security for your kitty and improve sleep quality.


In summary, there is more than simply love and devotion involved in getting ready for the arrival of your new newborn cat. You’ll create the conditions for a cozy, secure, and stimulating home for your furry pet by making these seven crucial purchases. Remember that kittens need the right attention and care to thrive, so provide them with the resources they need to satisfy their physical and mental demands. Take pleasure in raising your new cat and treasure your time spent together.