The Best Internet Speed for Online Gaming

online gaming

Smashing a key or two, the usual group-chat flaming and rage-quitting a game, every gamer has gone through the ordeal. You can feel your inner rage channel when your internet drops, ping spikes and you end up failing to land a skillshot in your favorite MOBA game. We do sympathize with your dilemma but sheer sympathies aren’t what you need. 

Stable internet connectivity is imperative for a seamless online gaming experience. If you have been wanting to game and geek out but pesky internet problems won’t let you, here’s how you can fix the dilemma at hand. 

Types of Internet Connections 

online gaming
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The right download and upload speeds ensure precise ping levels and ensure minimum to zero latency. But before finding what internet speeds online gaming requires, consider taking a look at the varied internet connection types

You can either choose to go wireless or opt for a wired connection. Choosing the former is appropriate for households having multiple devices to connect. But for standalone gaming, a wireless connection is likely to induce lag and cause ping variations. 

Cable internet still stands tall as one of the widely used connection types. Wired internet connectivity guarantees fewer connection breakdowns. It’s the standard for those households who are concerned for affordability and speedy internet altogether. 

Although built on outdated infrastructure, Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) aren’t going to become obsolete anytime soon. Cable broadband is 2x faster than DSL yet DSL connections suffice for localities having sparse availability of cable or fiber connections. 

In terms of higher bandwidth and fast internet speeds, fiber optic cables assert dominance over copper cables and DSL connections. The maximum speed a fiber connection can confer ranges up to 1000 Mbps. While such speeds might seem unrealistic for standard surfing and streaming, bandwidth is unevenly distributed among multiple devices

You can effortlessly enjoy playing DOOM’s multiplayer mode on your console or stream the night away on Twitch. Fiber optic doesn’t strain down and degrade over time as quick as a DSL connection would. 

Satellite internet is best for avid gamers in outlying hamlets. Wireless connections, although not mainly appreciated for gaming, are suitable if you are short on choices. Some satellite internet providers even offer nationwide coverage; satellite connections will never wane for suburbs and metros alike.  

Download Speeds

Before subscribing to an internet service provider, make sure you view the advertised (download) speeds for standalone internet plans. Download speed is the time consumed by your PC/console to receive information from a server. Supposedly, your internet connection is distributed between multiple users. Some are busy streaming Netflix on their smartphones while some are browsing through their social media. 

The more devices you connect, the further the bandwidth is divided. The minimum download speed for Xbox is 3 Mbps but that too can fluctuate for varied regions, especially if your game’s server isn’t geographically closer to you. For a premium gaming experience, you should go for at least a 25 Mbps high-speed internet connection.

Upload Speeds

Upload speeds are relatively lower than download speeds. Why? It’s because the consumption of receiving information from a server is greater than uploading data. Every in-game command you make such as adding armor, purchasing mana potions or the final blow to an enemy battalion count as the information you send to a server. 

So what’s the ideal upload speed? 1 Mbps is sufficient for single-player online games but if you are having a midnight League of Legends marathon, then upload speeds of at least 3 Mbps or higher are ideal.  

Ping and Latency 

A stable ping is an impetus for a barrier-free gaming experience. The time taken to send data from your PC/console to the game server is known as ping. What happens when high ping strikes? Your game either lags or disconnects from the server temporarily. 

Multiple factors are responsible for this tribulation. It could be your overall internet speed, router performance and the geographical distances. While the quickest fix is to opt for fiber-optic broadband, you can even consider connecting to a game server near your geographic location. The best ping? Anywhere between 40ms-60ms induces zero latency and ping rates. If your ping strikes 100ms or above, you will experience a noticeable delay in gameplay and reaction time. 

Time to Play

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These are the major factors which affect your online gaming experience. Internet speed is the most important determinant of how much you can enjoy your favorite games. Get yourself a high-quality connection today so that you reach elite stature in the gaming community

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