Mediabox Down – 10 Alternative Apps


While there are quite a few options for streaming movies on your iPhone or iPad, MediaBox has always been one of the more popular options. Sadly, users are now finding it that the app is not available right now, and we have no idea as to whether this is a temporary setback or permanent. But, rather than see you miss out on your favorite shows and movies, we thoughts we’d find you some alternatives.

Top 10 Mediabox Alternatives


It could be that MediaBox has fallen foul of the copyright laws and has been taken down for streaming copyright content without consent. So, while we were hunting for new apps or you to use, we concentrated on those that are legal to use. Not all of them are free, but they all offer a fantastic streaming service.

In no specific order:


Viewster is a top app for those who love anime, and it offers thousands of popular anime, movies, shows, series, and so much more. Because it is free, it is ad-supported, but these won’t get in your way too much. You do get access to shows you won’t get in any other app, and it is completely free to download and use. You can download the app from

Globo Play

Globo Play

As the name indicates, this is a global app, with content from all over the world. You get a huge choice of movies, Globo exclusive programs, TV shows, and lots more. You even get offline viewing, and you can download from a series of novels to read too. It is free, but if you want even more content and features, subscribe to a premium account.


One of the best-known movie streaming apps, Hulu, is another free app. It is incredibly popular because it offers so much content to choose from – tv shows, series, movies, and so much more. It is updated regularly with new content, s supported on all the major platforms, has Chromecast support, and offers one-click access to whatever you want to watch. It is a web-based streamer, though, so you always need an internet connection to watch.

Tubi TV

One of the newer streaming apps to join the ranks, Tubi TV, isn’t the largest, but it is one of the fastest-growing. In terms of what it offers, there are plenty of movies and shows to choose from, covering all the major and popular genres. It doesn’t offer the choice of downloading to watch offline, so you always need an internet connection and, to stream anything, you need to sign up for a free account.


One of the best-known media centers in the world, Kodi’s benefits are two-fold. First, it offers you a free and easy place to store all your own media – movies, books, photos, anything you have in your own library. Second, by way of a number of add-ons, it offers a way of watching whatever you want – movies, shows, documentaries, music, sports you name it, it’s on those add-ons. Just run a Google search and follow the instructions for your chosen add-on.


Netflix is another well-known name in the world of streaming, but it is a subscription-based app. New users can get a 30-day free trial, and you get to watch all the latest and best movies and TV series, all in one place. You can have up to five separate user profiles on one account, and Netflix will come up with recommendations for viewing, based on what you like or dislike – the more you watch, the better it gets. Some movies can be downloaded for offline viewing, and Netflix content varies from country to country.


Sling TV is another subscription option, with two plans on offer. Here, you can watch a great choice of movies, documentaries, cartoons, TV series, sports, and a whole lot more. The content is spread over 10,000 hours of viewing, all on-demand, and you also get a selection of popular channels – Disney Channel, Nat GEO, Fox, and a whole lot more. 20 languages are supported, and the app is free to try.


Made for iOS, Popcornflix offers a pretty good choice of viewing, thousands of movies spread over all the different and most popular genres. You can watch anything you want, using data or Wi-Fi and enjoy one of the most comprehensive viewing experiences, all for free.

Snag Films

Another popular free offering, SnagFilms, offers users over 6,000 moves, shows, documentaries, cartoons, and much more. You do need a network connection as offline viewing is not supported, but it is free to download and use.


Free to use, Crackle is an ad-supported app, and content doesn’t tend to stay in the app very long. However, it is updated so regularly with new content that you don’t even notice when something disappears. Crackle offers a great range of current movies and shows, and lots of classics, including silent movies and Crime Noir.

MediaBox may be gone, be it temporary or permanent, but there are plenty of other apps to choose from. Some of them do require a subscription, but there are plenty of free ones on offer. Try them out, see which one offers what you want to watch.

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