Illegal Aliens: Committing the Crimes Americans Won’t Do!


Photo Credit: Bruce Emmerling

Illegal Aliens and Snakes. What’s the difference? Snakes don’t rape.

A 14-year old girl was brutally raped in a bathroom of her high school, but this case is exceptionally sick as it was carried out by two illegal aliens who should not have been in this nation to begin with. The two rapists are 17-year old Jose Montano and 18-year old Henry Sanchez Milian.

Both Montano and Sanchez Milian came into the United States illegally, Montano coming from El Salvador and Sanchez Milian coming from Guatemala. As they attempted to sneak into our great nation illegally in 2016, they were both caught by border control. Both were released in the U.S. and not deported. Both then moved up to Montgomery County in Maryland, where they knew they would be able to enjoy numerous benefits provided by American citizens, including getting a free education. Due to their inability to speak America’s native tongue, the 17 and 18-year olds enrolled as freshmen in their local high school. It was there they decided to act on primitive instinct and rape a 14-year old girl. They are now charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sex offense.

A quick summary: Two illegal immigrants are released after being caught illegally entering this nation and are given a free education at taxpayer expense. They are unable/unwilling to learn English, creating a burden for all students and teachers, and, out of a display of their gratitude, rape a 14-year old girl. You know, typical illegal alien boisterousness.

The Supreme Court case Plyler v. Doe (1982) decided that illegal immigrants are entitled to a public education regardless of their status as illegal. So, illegal aliens are entitled to an education at taxpayer expense for ages 5-21. But due to the fact that they are undocumented immigrants, they can easily lie about their age so they can be eligible for free education, or so they can be charged as a minor for their countless crimes (Jose Montano most likely did this). For undocumented youth, it is impossible to conduct a criminal or immigration background check, which means that parents have no idea who their children are going to school with now.

In what world is it beneficial to have students who can’t speak English in an English-speaking nation? What benefit is there to bringing in unskilled migrants who don’t speak English, don’t pay taxes, and don’t assimilate and then giving them an education at taxpayer expense? There is none! The Left forces America to practice White Man’s Burden while actively denouncing it. As long as people keep getting killed, raped, and kidnapped, the Left will keep laughing while enjoying their lives in their gated communities, uncaring and unconcerned for the middle-class of America.

In the last three years, the U.S. has let in at least 160,000 “unaccompanied minors,” who are all entitled to a free education and free healthcare at taxpayer expense (lone children are not deported). No wonder we’re almost $20 trillion in debt. Programs like the DREAM Act and DACA only further enable this parasitic migration by enabling illegal immigration rather than punishing the crime and preventing it.

In Maryland, where those uncivilized criminals raped a 14-year old girl, there have been 11,574 “unaccompanied children immigrants” who have come in between 2014 and now. For the same time span, California has received 20,642 illegal alien children. Maryland’s cost for educating illegal alien children in 2014 was $67.9 million. In the same year, California’s cost for educating illegal alien children was $63.9 million. It was not just those two states being taken advantage of. The total cost for the United States that year was $761.41 million.

F.A.I.R. in 2013 estimated the annual cost of tending to illegal immigrants at the federal, state, and local level to be about $113 billion. Let’s see what these illegal immigrants have done (besides cheating minimum wage, thus lowering wages) to show their gratitude for living in the greatest country ever conceived:


A 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) showed that their study population of 249,000 illegal immigrants had been “arrested about 1.7 million times, averaging about 7 arrests per criminal alien… They were arrested for a total of about 2.9 million offenses, averaging about 12 offenses per criminal alien.” The GAO study also found that “About 50 percent of the criminal aliens in our study population were arrested at least once for either assault, homicide, robbery, a sex offense, or kidnapping. About half of the criminal aliens were arrested at least once for a drug violation.” These are the kinds of people Democrats want to let into this nation. Why? For two reasons:

  1. Big businesses do not care who is being hurt as long as they are able to take advantage of the cheap labor offered by illegal immigrants.
  2. Rich, disconnected elitists, in a last-ditch effort for moral righteousness, want to bring in as many unskilled, uneducated migrants as possible. Why? Because they live in gated communities, with guards, where no illegal alien would ever dare go. The elitists get to feel good about themselves without ever having to deal with the endless problems they just created.

In a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform it was revealed that there are around 300 local, city, and county jurisdictions who deliberately disobey federal law and have instead implemented sanctuary city policies. These rich, disconnected elitists have put in place politicians who reflect their anarchic, apathetic “beliefs.” If you wish to see the true evil of the 1%, then look no further than Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Maryland among many others. It is the elite who are letting in parasites (many criminals, some not) to use for their sick benefit. They could not care less about a mother of 5 from Mexico. They only care about a young man who is good at picking strawberries. What that man does on his off-time is none of their concern nor interest.

But it is the American people’s interest.

It is in the interest of the American people to no longer tolerate borders weaker than a Mexican politician’s moral code.

Just like abortion, illegal immigration is another issue where liberals either do not care or are too ignorant to realize the horrible effect it has on the populace. The benefits of cheap labor have led to elitists calling for extreme fear-mongering on the left, calling hard-working Americans bigots, racists, nationalists, Nazis, fascists, and every other term so over-used by the Left that it has lost its original meaning. The Leftists who do genuinely mean well should stop as they obviously do not know the consequences of their misguided self-righteous malarkey.

When illegal aliens are coming up through Mexico into our great and sovereign nation, we are not receiving their best, rather their worst. These uncivilized illegal aliens will never stop coming, never stop murdering, never stop raping, never stop kidnapping, and never stop leeching off of the public system provided by the American taxpayer. How many people have to be unemployed, raped, and murdered until the Left wakes up?

The question is not when they are going to stop, but who is going to stop them.


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