You Can’t Understand Politics, Without First Knowing Your Worldview

Picture Credit: Kevin Gill

Politics is going on all around us in every way whether you recognize it or not. Consider the phone, laptop, or whatever electronic device you are reading this article on. The device was made by a company, that first had to be incorporated, hire employees, and negotiate with manufacturers, all while abiding by the laws and codes that government uses to regulate business.

For someone who has interests in most every field, I always thought that politics was interesting for encompassing nearly every aspect of life. From the drugs you take when you’re sick, to the clothes you wear and food you eat, politics has (unfortunately) wormed its way into every aspect of our lives.

Often times forming a political opinion can feel like a daunting task. In a pluralist Democracies like our country, warring groups are constantly fighting for power and control to change the country to fit their notion of “how things should be.” That means that they will manipulate facts, use emotional arguments and identity politics to get you to think their way.

The vast majority of college campuses today have turned into liberal molding chambers where open-minded young people cling to the ‘expertise’ and ‘authority’ of their professors without challenging or attempting to validate their beliefs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called brainwashing, and its not pretty. Most students today enter college and exit radically further to the left than they ever were when they came in. No, the reason is not because the academia is more intelligent than the uninformed conservative American populace. The reason is because most people lack the foundation they need to withstand the indoctrination process.

This foundation, otherwise known as a worldview, is a collection of all presuppositions through which you make sense of reality and see the world. Defining your ontology, teleology, axiology and epistemology, a worldview answers the questions surrounding our existence and purpose in life. Primarily divided between a natural or supernatural creation, worldviews provide the foundation for all of your political opinions and preferences in life, often times clashing with those with other worldviews.

Now you may never have heard those terms before, but they all represent basic questions that we all ask ourselves at some point in life.

Ontology: Where do I come from?

Axiology: What do I value?

Epistemology: How do I know what I know is true?

Teleology: What is my destiny?

These four foundational questions provide the basis for the way we all see life, and you’d be surprised how radically different the answers to them can be. Depending on what you believe the answers are, you can end up like the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11, or the Buddhist monks that spend their entire lives training in self-denial to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Leftists will try to tell you that all ways are equal—that there is no way that is better, just different. That line of thinking is predicated on the belief that there are no moral absolutes. Under these conditions, the people who believe it is their holy purpose to kill Americans are no better or worse than anyone else. Thankfully, that’s not true and we have moral absolutes. By the way, believing there are no moral absolutes, is a moral absolute in and of itself.

There are several different types of worldviews for you to explore, and I’d honestly encourage you to try as many as you can. Understanding how other people live life is very important to discovering the Truth of how you should live life.

From this fundamental understanding of life we come to derive our values which then dictate our policy preferences. Therefore, until you come to understand what you truly believe, know that nearly every college in the country will teach you from a secular liberal standpoint. I know they are wrong, and you may suspect they are wrong, but until you define your foundation arguing with them will be useless. You’ll never win, and you may think your professor is always right, but just remember their entire foundation is based off of a logical inconsistency. Even when you lose, they never win.

The United States of America is a country based off of Judeo-Christian values. If you call yourself a conservative and want to uphold the constitution, then you may be called to this worldview, and I’d encourage you to find out.

About Will Nardi (52 Articles)
Will Nardi is the host of ‘The American Standard’ and co-Host of 'Raised Right' on Right Side Broadcasting Network. Published by the Daily Caller, HYPELINE, the College Conservative, Odyssey, Campus Reform, the Lone Conservative, the College Fix, and the Rabble-Rouser, his articles have been featured on the Drudge Report, Fox News, The National Review, and Gun Owners of America. Nardi is currently in his 2nd year studying at Liberty University's Helm's School of Government. To see more of his work follow him on Facebook and Twitter @willthethinker.

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