Time To Make Conservatism Acceptable Again

9/29/1982 President Reagan attends a Virginia Republican Party Fundraising Rally at the Richmond Arena in Virginia; Picture Credit:

The conservative revolution has begun, and it can’t stop at the poll booths. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and that tells us that there is much work yet to be done.

I remember sitting on election night and thinking that we had already lost, but as Trump won state after state by the slimmest margins, I realized that my parent’s generation had not failed me.

As I awoke the next morning to see that we had one last chance to make America great again, I realized why all the polls were wrong: Liberals or ‘Progressives’ today have fostered a climate of intolerance and fear for dissenting opinions. The polls were wrong because all the people who secretly voted for Trump feared persecution from liberals, and rightfully so.


Picture Credit: Occupy Democrats Logic

In the wake of the results, conservative students across the country are being harassed and in some cases physically attacked for being thought to support Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump College Students are:

Thousands of liberals are protesting and refusing to accept the results of the election. As myself and my conservative peers have walked back into our classes, we have endured hours of their professors and liberal peers attacking our next President of the United States. I understand why they are upset, and I would be as well if I had the same mindset as them. Yet as I try to be reasonable I dare to say that their violence, vandalism, and protesting is wrong. Now I know its not all of them, but the fact that #RapeMelania and #AssassinateTrump have been trending on twitter tell us that its not just a few people either. To those people, I implore them to give the man a chance. President-Elect Trump has been holding press conferences to show his support for LGBT rights in his efforts to reunite the nation. He is willing to put in the work, but are you willing to tolerate him?

Maybe I’m wrong to disagree with our educators, but I truly feel that any professor who is still attacking our next president instead of doing their best to unite behind our future leader, is doing a disservice to their students. Ronald Reagan admonished the academia for doing the same thing years ago:


As we begin to unite behind our next president, I urge all conservatives to keep two things in mind.

Let your true colors show.

Guess what, Republicans control both congress and the white house. If there was ever a time to feel like the country supports conservatives, its now. No one wants to feel the wrath of their angry peers, but you can begin to show your support for conservatism incrementally, and safely.

Start going to your College Republicans meetings. Start a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty or Young Americans for Freedom. Be present at their discussions and events. Show your peers that there are people willing to attach their name to their ideas. Have courage. People may call you a racist, or a bigot, but don’t let them define you! Embrace who you are and show them what conservatism truly means. As soon as you and your friends come out in quiet support of your beliefs, suddenly the atmosphere will change. Breaking up the liberal hegemony is the first step to making conservatism acceptable again. Even if you’re not yet comfortable disagreeing with a friend or professor, the first step is just getting yourself to a conservative event, and showing that you are willing to stand by your principles.

Do it with respect.

Kicking people while they are down is the worst way to accomplish your goals. Don’t go around bashing Hillary Clinton now that she lost. That is only going to make her a martyr. Instead, take the high road and tell your friends that you hope Trump’s presidency will turn out great for everyone. Take pride that your party is in control of the nation, and lift people up instead of bringing them down. I know it may be extremely tempting as you watch liberals desecrate veteran’s memorials or vandalize your campus to get their anger out about Donald Trump, but you can’t let that get to you. Be the bigger person, and the moderates and independents will no longer see us in the light that liberals have shown us in for far too long.

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