Conservatives Are Right, Liberals Are Wrong

Pulkit Sinha

When I was younger I used to have the mentality that both liberals and conservatives have equally good points and arguments. I was wrong, and I hope that this will help you come to the same conclusion.

For a while, I have studied the values of liberals and have come to the conclusion that they have none. Every value that they claim to have is disproven by their blatant hypocrisy in every single policy area.

Let me be clear; there is a left side and a right side, and both sides can’t be right.

If you are a liberal that believes in safe spaces, trigger warnings, speech codes or free speech zones then you cannot claim you are for free speech.

If you are a liberal that believes in helping minority families, then you don’t support ending voucher programs that would have allowed marginalized children to go to better schools, like Obama did.

If you are a liberal and you believe that America is the greatest country in the world, then why are you constantly fighting the constitution to change it?

As someone who actually wants to conserve these values, hearing other conservatives give any credit to liberals is one of the most infuriating things you can do.

Let’s stop pretending that there is some happy middle ground that we can all come to. You either stick by your values or you don’t. If you really are a conservative who wants to protect your rights, then you cannot give in.

If you are still young, and you have yet to consider the arguments of liberals and conservatives, then study them instead of taking the easy way out and insulting both of them.

This is the kind of thinking that leaves voters uneducated and politically unmotivated. If you have values, and you believe in them, then you must fight for them or watch the country be changed by those who oppose you.

The people who are not yet fighting are the same people who are too scared to form an opinion for themselves.

Want to know what happens when you blindly accept what you’ve been told? Take a look at Nazi Germany. Children born during the holocaust were taught that they have a moral obligation to kill Jews. Imagine if they still believed that.

Forget what your state or your community believes in. Go beyond what your school teaches you. Do your own research to validate what you have been taught. You may just find that you never really agreed with it to begin with.

At times liberals really do sound may sound very convincing, but clever sophistry does not change the values behind policy.

About Will Nardi (52 Articles)
Will Nardi is the host of ‘The American Standard’ and co-Host of 'Raised Right' on Right Side Broadcasting Network. Published by the Daily Caller, HYPELINE, the College Conservative, Odyssey, Campus Reform, the Lone Conservative, the College Fix, and the Rabble-Rouser, his articles have been featured on the Drudge Report, Fox News, The National Review, and Gun Owners of America. Nardi is currently in his 2nd year studying at Liberty University's Helm's School of Government. To see more of his work follow him on Facebook and Twitter @willthethinker.

3 Comments on Conservatives Are Right, Liberals Are Wrong

  1. I, literally just a few minutes ago, stumbled on a nazi supporters blog. I feel mildly bad about not trying to reason with the lunatic, but he’s far too gone. That aside.

    No, both sides can’t be right. By that same reasoning, neither side is necessarily right. Infact, far more likely, is that both sides are wrong: if one were right, there would likely only be one party. Also, if one were right, it’s more likely that there would be more than one opposing – and incorrect – party.

    No, what we have, is a popularity contest. Irrationally aggressive people vs. irrational cowards. One wants to kill, one wants to hide. That’s not to say either’s policies are better or worse, merely that, being composed of lunatics, neither of them will accomplish anything of significants regarding society.


  2. It’s a hasty generalization to declare that liberals, all liberals, are hypocritical, without values, and incorrect in every one of their positions. There are, for example, liberals who think that safe spaces are absurd and that they violate free speech (which they do) and there are those who think otherwise. These are both liberals, yet to declare both as wrong is contradictory. Liberalism is a broad tent of ideas and so is conservatism, but to make blanket statements about either is often (as it is here) to make hasty generalizations which confuse rather than enlighten. This article reads like sensationalism (and maybe that’s the point). I do, however, agree that the particular liberal ideas you mentioned are hypocritical and absurd.


  3. As a Libertarian I think both sides are full of shit.


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