The True First Responders

Lance Cpl. Richard Blumenstein

This may come as a shock to some people, but some college campuses like Roger Williams University are completely “weapons free.” Not only do they ban firearms of any kind, but they also ban tasers, knives more than 3 inches in length, and “kung-fu weapons.” In fact, even the campus police are unable to carry any kind of weapon.

Colleges, in a way, are microcosms of the world around them. People work, eat, live and are governed by their administration. For decades the liberal academia has molded campuses with their leftist vision, in the hopes that when students graduate, they create a world like that which they were trained in.

Maybe a “weapons free” campus works in a perfect world, but I sincerely doubt that the students who suffered during the Virginia Tech shooting would agree.

Without weapons to defend yourself, what are you supposed to do in an active shooter situation? All you really can do is pray to god that the police will somehow show up before any casualties occur.

According to the Women’s Self-Defense Institute (WSI), however, the “average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes.” At best, the police take around 4 minutes to arrive, while at worst, they may not show up for over an hour.

“The average interaction time between a criminal and his victim is 90 seconds,” said WSI. “That translates to you being robbed/injured/maimed/raped/murdered and waiting for an additional 2 and a half minutes for the police to arrive.”

“The police are not your body guards,” said Jordan Stein, gun rights activist from Liberty University. “I have nothing but respect for the police, but the true first responders are the people that happen to be at the scene of the crime as its progressing, while carrying their weapon.”

According to the CDC, guns are used in self-defense anywhere from 500,000 to 3 million times per year.

Ironically, a concealed carrier even saved the life of a police officer after he was attacked by a meth addict. When he couldn’t call for backup, a lawful concealed carrier stepped in and allowed the cop to regain control, reported the Washington Times.

“There are countless cases like this where concealed carries have saved the lives of those around them before the police had a chance to get to respond,” said Stein. “The government is not responsible for our personal security. Limiting our rights so that the government can play parent is not only contrary to liberty, but to the American family.”

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