Dear Hispanics, Voting Republican DOES NOT Make You a Traitor

I Am an American First

Picture Credit: Gage Skidmore

As a Hispanic female who grew up under the guidance of the church and in a very conservative family that valued faith, traditions, and family togetherness, it was only natural for me to lean Republican and still love my Hispanic heritage. Ronald Reagan once said “Latinos are republican, they just don’t know it yet.” He is right. Our countries are rich in conservative values for example: strong religious ties, traditional marriage, and strong love and importance for our families and the well-being of the children.

It is believed, especially during the 2016 presidential race, that voting republican is voting against your people, your heritage, your roots, your own family, and that you are brainwashed, a traitor, racist towards your own people, and ‘obviously uneducated.’ I beg to differ.

Whether you believe Trump will be a great president or not, or whether you rooted for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (both of Hispanic Origin) voting republican is voting for the future of America, and the future of Hispanics who are here legally or illegally. Voting for a Republican means building a nation with traditional values, togetherness, respect for religion (of all kinds), for family values, for our children, and for prosperity.

The simple fact that a Hispanic does not lean with the majority (Democrat) does not factually prove that he or she is racist towards his or her own people. It is simply just not true. We are republicans at heart; the way we lived our lives in our countries prior to migrating to America signals our Republican values.

When we set foot on American soil, power-hungry Democrats corrupted the minds of the gullible, scarred, and lost Hispanics who have just arrived. They promised help for Hispanics, brainwashed them, introduced them to the race batting war, and taught them that their problems are all caused by rich white people (while ironically, rich white people run the democratic party).

Democrats keep Hispanics from assimilating and encourage them to hold onto their roots (which is very important) but for the wrong reasons. Democrats have pressured Hispanics to keep them from learning English, American history, and identifying as American before anything else.

Just for the mere fact that we share a skin color, a culture, or a country DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE STILL CITIZENS OF OUR ORIGINAL COUNTRY. It does not mean that we have to all think the same way. If we were to be united for the well-being of our country, our families, our children, and many generations to come, we could do so much more good for America. If we voted according to how we lived in or prior countries, a conservative way, and put our faith in a candidate, a president who is not a Democrat promising the exact same thing for years, prosperity would be reign in America.

About Ana M. Martinez (7 Articles)
As a college conservative activist, and minority representative,Ana Martinez, a 19 year old psychology college student from Los Angeles, California, has helped many closet conservatives come out and be proud and loud of their beliefs while also discovering herself and her love for the red,white, and blue . She migrated to the United State when she was 9 years old from Santa Ana, El Salvador. She quickly learned English and thrived in any obstacle she had to face. On May 20th,2015 she became a US citizen, one of the most important and most proud moments in her life. She then was accepted into California state university, Los Angeles where she got involved in politics and conservatism and joined YAF ( Young America's foundation) in hope to make a difference and make America a better place for many generations to come. She has a deep heart appreciation for the military as her loved one serves as an infantry man and two of her cousins serve in the marines. She has a passion and love for America and everything red,white,and blue.

1 Comment on Dear Hispanics, Voting Republican DOES NOT Make You a Traitor

  1. For most Hispanics, voting for Trump would be treason. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the vast majority of the Hispanics inside America’s borders have any primary loyalty to America, the nation that hosts them.


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