How to Get a Gun Before Leftists Ban Them

If you were born in a liberal state like me, you likely have never seen a gun before. Of course I have seen them holstered on police officers, but never in a private citizen’s hands. Not until last year did I actually get the chance to see one up close and learn about them.

The liberals in my state have done a fine job with gun control measures, which I firmly oppose, but until conservatives gain enough of a majority to deregulate their measures, then we will need to struggle through the tough restrictions they have imposed. Here is a general guideline of what you will need to do to get a gun in my home state of Massachusetts. Note that all states have different laws, and you will want to consult your own state’s code for the exact process.

Step 1: Get a Gun License



To get a gun license, you will need to take a state certified firearms safety course. For the state of Massachusetts, click here to access the page where you can find available courses for training. To enroll in a course, you will need to calls the MA Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to let them know you are interested. Click here to get to the contact page of that office. Your local police department may also have information about courses in your area.

Step 2: Learn

giphy (1)


Whether or not you agree that you should be forced to take a firearms safety course, you don’t have a choice. For people like me who really don’t know that much about guns, I would choose to take the course to be more prepared. A gun is a dangerous weapon and a serious responsibility not to be taken lightly. In the course they will teach you about the different parts of the firearm, how to shoot, how to store the weapon and the applicable state laws. Once you complete your course, you will be presented with a certificate and you will then be allowed to apply for a gun permit.

Step 3: Apply for a Permit

giphy (2)


Once you are ready to apply for a permit, you can click here to go to the permit page of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Download the permit entitled “Firearms Identification (FID) Car or License to Carry Firearms (LTC) Application. After you have prepared the application, you can submit it to your local police department.

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