The Liberal Marginalization of Human Life

I feel pretty sad actually having to write this, but I cannot ignore how my liberal peers continue to devalue human life. For people with the reputation of being the defenders of the poor, marginalized and the forgotten, you would think they prioritize human life above all else. On the contrary, in their cries to defend the environment, you can see just how frighteningly their values have shifted.

My first example is from a few weeks ago at the Cincinnati Zoo, when a small child somehow got into the cage of a 450-pound gorilla. In the video footage you can see the child being grabbed by the gorilla, and in an attempt to save his life, the zookeepers shot the gorilla. Ever since then, there has been outcry over the zoos handling of the incident.

In this situation, there were many stakeholders to blame. The parents were being irresponsible, the zoo had not properly secured the cage and they should have been equipped with a more humane way of stopping the gorilla. For these reasons we must react with outrage so that this situation does not happen again. We all agree that killing life unnecessarily is wrong, but we cannot delude ourselves into thinking that the lives of animals are equal to the lives of humans.

We do not live in a Disney movie. This zoo director himself told CNN that, “That child’s life was in danger. People who question that don’t understand you can’t take a risk with a silverback gorilla — this is a dangerous animal.” I do value the life of the gorillas, but I would rather have headlines read “Gorilla Shot to Protect Child,” instead of “Gorilla Kills Child.” This incident placed many people in a moral dilemma when it shouldn’t have.

While the liberals’ reactions were certainly eye-opening, I wouldn’t be so rash as to claim that this one instance is responsible for my hypothesis. One U.S National Park Service Ecologist, as an advocate for “environmental justice,” was reported saying, “Until such a time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.”

A much more recent example would be the statements of people like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who agree that claim climate change is a greater threat than terrorism. I for one am very skeptical about whether or not climate change has resulted from the activity of humankind, but that is not the issue here. NASA—the liberal bastion itself—has reported that in the past 100 years, average temperatures have only increased 0.7 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile ISIS inspired terrorists killed 50 people in a night club in about 5 minutes. Have liberals really become so obsessed with the environment that they would value it as much or more than human life?

Note that these are the same people who defend the lives of mass murderers when they are up for the death penalty (just some more backwards liberal logic for you).

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