How Liberals Manipulate the Gays

Being gay is no longer an issue in party politics.

I have never understood why conservatives are stereotyped as anti-gay. The only reason I can think is because Republicans did not support gay marriage. Needless to say, there is a difference between an ideology and a party, but I can understand why Republicans would have been opposed. I should note that I am not at all against gay people. I have both family and friends that are gay and their sexual orientation has no bearing on our relationship or how I view them as a person.

Republicans, however, were opposed because the term marriage was coined by the Catholic church to mean a union between a man and a woman. Marriage was originally a ceremony that was conducted by the church for the purpose of bringing people together through their faith. Only later did governments force marriages to be registered with the government.

At the time, gay people had been lobbying the government for the ability to be “married” as well. They already had the option to join in a civil union, but only the church can decide who they join together in holy matrimony—otherwise the government would be intervening with religion.

The solution to this dilemma should have been to register all unions with the government as civil unions, and leave marriage as a separate optional ceremony for the church to decide whether or not to give. This was the argument that one of my coworkers gave me years ago, as a staunch gay Republican.

Of course there were some Republicans who did not support gay marriage because they were intolerant of gay people, but there were several Democrats who also did not support gay marriage. Senator Bob Casey, Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Kay Hagan, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Tom Carper, Senator Tim Johnson, Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator Mark Pryor were all Democrats who did not support gay marriage, the Huffington Post reported.

Now that the issue of gay marriage is out of the way, there is no reason why gay people should have any problem with conservatives. We value liberty, family, free enterprise and personal responsibility. As a conservative I support your liberty to be gay. This should not be a politicized issue, but Democrats have profited off of gay people backing them for so long that they cannot afford to lose that part of their electorate.

One of the ways Democrats have manipulated gay people into continuing to support them is through the forced association of ideas. Liberals and Democrats alike both support social justice, defined by Fox News as “used almost exclusively on the left, and typically focuses on perceived injustices between races, genders and economic classes rather than individuals.”

A perfect example of how the left has manipulated gay people into taking their side is the New York City pride parade. To be impartial on this issue, I watched the entire nine-hour video of the parade on YouTube that you can see here.

What has been called a gay pride parade, should really be called the liberal pride parade as a front for Democrats. Planned Parenthood, the National Park Foundation, Teachers Unions, “Equal-Pay” advocates and countless politicians from local to national all marched in this parade.

I can support the countless businesses such as Coca-Cola and Delta that marched to show their support, but everything else is a government entity or figure. Planned Parenthood gives abortions, and the last time I checked gay people cannot reproduce by themselves. The National Park Foundation is a group of environmental justice advocates, and the rest of them are only trying to gain the LGBTQ vote. I can understand if a gay politician was running for office, but several of their floats and signs were for Bernie Sanders, a socialist.

The message of the Pride Parade should be to show people that your sexual orientation is inconsequential—gay people are no different than straight people. This parade however, has been hijacked by liberals and Democrats to perpetuate negative stereotypes against conservatives and Republicans.

Some gay people, however, seem to realize what these politicians are doing. After the recent Orlando shooting, membership of the Pink Pistols, a gay gun club rose from 1,500 to 3,500 in just two days, Fox 31 reported. As Democrats try to force new gun control restrictions, #shootback has been trending on Twitter as a rallying cry for gay people to defend themselves against anyone that would dare commit a hate crime. Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay conservative editor of Breitbart, has begun to publish articles claiming that the left has abandoned the gays.

Regardless of your stance on any of these issues, gay people must begin to look at where they stand on issues before supporting the left or the right. Being gay is no longer an issue in party politics. Don’t let politicians manipulate your vote.

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