An Open Letter To People Who Bash Conservatives

No we aren't racist, or sexist, or anything like that.

Recently I posted an article on Facebook entitled, “Conservatives; the New Marginalized Group.” I knew there would be people who disagreed with me, and I wasn’t even surprised when a few ignorant people made hurtful comments. What really got me, however, was the amount of people who supported the hurtful statements they were saying. I think it’s time that I shed a little light on the truth behind conservatives.

Conservatism at its core, means personal responsibility, individual liberty and free markets. This is, of course, a very broad definition, but it will suffice for our purposes here. Nothing about conservatism is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other type of discrimination.

First of all, I am both Middle Eastern and Italian. I was not born into a rich family, but grew up with a single dad. If I followed the norm, these factors would probably make me favor liberal ideology over conservative ideology, but I never will. The point of this article isn’t to defend conservatism’s ideas (and I won’t go into them), but to get people to look past the preconceived notions that they have developed through their friends, families and the fiery speeches of liberal politicians.

Since the beginning of parties, both parties have attacked one another. Whether or not these attacks were justified, they happened. All of these attacks were of course politically motivated, because candidates from either party wanted to win. When exactly then did Republicans become the party of discrimination? I can’t answer that question because to me, they never were. Going hundreds of years back, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president, was responsible for ending slavery.

Today, politicians like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will give speeches about why we can’t let Republicans into the White House. They say we don’t support their agenda, and they are correct. We don’t support many of the things Democrats do, and we prioritize the rest differently.

One issue that seems to make conservatives sexist is the wage gap. One person commented on my article saying that conservatives want other people to be hurt and oppressed, and that is why we don’t support closing the wage gap. This statement is entirely ignorant because many people from both parties understand that the gap either doesn’t exist, or is extremely overstated. This is another issue that I won’t get into, because it isn’t the point of the article. Conservatives support equal pay for equal work regardless of anything. Your skin color, your sex, your religion, none of these things matter, to us. If I owned a company, I would pay everyone equally if they did the same amount of work. People who don’t believe men and women should be paid the same are not conservatives, they are sexist. That is the main point I want to make here. People need to start understanding that conservatives aren’t bad people simply because we don’t think like everyone else does. I’ll even say the same for the conservatives. Not all liberals are racist, or sexist or anything. Different beliefs don’t mean that either group discriminates. Both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, want what’s best for the country. We just have different views on how we get there.

The final point I want to make is directly in response to a comment I got on my article saying, “Don’t push your shitty opinions on others because you want people to think like you. You are not prosecuted like any other group just because your group wants others to suffer. So shut the hell up for once.”

If a conservative were to say this to a person marching in a Black Lives Matters protest, not only would there be riots, but people would be verbally and most likely, physically attacked. That is the point I’m trying to make with my article. Why is preaching liberal beliefs okay, and not conservative beliefs? That is a double standard. Aren’t double standards the same thing liberals have been trying to defeat for years? Seems hypocritical to me that I have to write this article as respectful as I am, while people will still probably attack me on it. Will this article get a lot of likes? Probably not. This article won’t get a lot of likes because people are afraid that if they support these ideas their close-minded friends will attack them just as mine did. Well, I’m not afraid to be different. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. People should be able to disagree with the norm without fear of being attacked. Let’s not lose our respect people. We can be civil. We can be friends. Just don’t tell me to shut up. If one of us loses our right to free speech, we all do.

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