America Is STILL The Greatest Country In The World

But we can't settle for only being the best. A clip from the TV show “The Newsroom” went viral a few years ago and has resurfaced for convincing people that the United States is no longer the greatest country in the world. One of my friends forced me to watch the video, and it looks like a very clever piece of liberal propaganda. Here is my response to his speech.

“People don’t like liberals because they lose.”

I don’t know where you have been, but we have a Democrat president, overwhelmingly leftist college campuses and up until the last election, a Democratic congress. Liberals have not been losing elections—they have been winning.

You know why I don’t like liberals? Read any one of the articles I have published and you will see that liberals are hypocritical and amoral. I don’t like them because they are shamelessly attacking the values that the United States was founded on.

“America is not the only country with freedom. Japan, Canada, etc.”

First of all, Canada embraces a socialist healthcare system, and Japan only recently gained freedom. Remember which side they fought on during WWII?

“We are seventh in literacy, 178th in infant mortality.”

In certain categories, America is not #1, but you can’t easily compare other countries to America. Our size, population and diversity drastically separate us from the competition and should be taken into consideration. Does that mean we should settle? Absolutely not!

“We lead the world in the number of incarcerated citizens per capita.”

That’s because big government has limited our freedom to smoke marijuana. According to theAmerican Civil Liberties Union, “of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2010, 88 percent were for simply having marijuana.”

“We lead the world in the number of adults who believe angels are real.”

Last time I checked we have freedom of religion. If you are against religion, then that is your prerogative, but don’t shame others for their faith.

“We lead the world in defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined.”

This is our total budget:

Military spending falls under Discretionary spending, which is only 29 percent of our total budget. Here you can see the amount of money actually spent on the military:

Only 15.66 percent of our total budget is actually spent on the military. For a country that has defended liberty throughout history, that is a small price to pay. Liberals only get pissed off because they want that money to go into more socialist programs instead of defending capitalism and freedom.

Now take a look at the amount of money we spend on entitlements:

When factored into our total budget, entitlements make up at least 62.55 percent of what we spend (depending on what else you count as a social program). Meanwhile, we must spend 6 percent of our total budget on debt interest every year because liberals want to spend EVEN MORE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

“You are the Worst. Generation. Ever.”

Who the hell are you buddy? How dare you generalize everyone like that. I know some incredible millennials and I know some not so good ones. I also know a lot of people in your generation who suck as well.

In a way, I’m actually very proud to be a millennial. I’m proud that my generation is much less prejudiced than yours. Yes, we still have racists and sexist, but it isn’t the norm anymore.

“We did things for moral reasons.”

Yes, we did, and we still do. Here’s a clue for you though, PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT MORALS. Liberals and conservatives have completely different values and we are both fighting for what we want. I do, however, argue that we were founded on conservative principles, and that we must CONSERVE THEM.

“We sacrificed. We cared about our neighbors.”

Guess what? We still sacrifice. Soldiers sacrifice their lives every day to protect our freedom. I will not, however, allow people to brainwash me into believing that I have to sacrifice what I have worked for to their socialist policies. That is not noble. That is wrong.

Overall, this video pisses me off. The only reason people support this is because they are either liberal, or because they got caught up in some fancy music and camerawork. America was the first great Democracy to ever exist and last. To anyone who says it won’t survive, I’d be happy to help you pack your bags. You don’t belong in this country if you can’t recognize what people have died to defend.

That doesn’t mean we should settle for what we have. We must all work harder to secure our spot as the greatest country in the world instead of complaining that we should be more like other countries.

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